The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Trailer is Pretty Epic

Kotaku writes:

"Yes, Spyro is finally growing up a little bit. The game certainly seems to be going for a more epic feel. But Is it enough to attract older audiences? We got a new trailer for you guys to take a gander at which shows a lot of the cinematic goodness their going for. You can pick up the game on the 21st in North America for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Nintendo DS."

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Eiffel3540d ago

I mean this series as well as the Crash series has gotten worse and worse ever since Naughty Dog stopped developing Crash and Insomniac Games stopped developing Spyro. Both series have been milked dry.

Its just hard to see both series go through hell ever since I grew up playing both on the old PSone.

Rapture3333540d ago

True indeed, these games like spyro and crash were my childhood per say. And they really were absolutely great games. A matter a fact I just got my old psx disks and converted the eboot to psp etc etc and now I have these games on my psp ready to be appreciated again.

lociefer3540d ago

spyro and his fluffy bunny friends are going to stop an eeeeeeviiill dragon , how epicely awesome

Born2BK1NG3540d ago

it looks okay, maybe the reviews would give it a 7/10...So, does anyone know what Violence "Fictive" mean? I have never herd of that rating before