Blend Games Preview: Eternal Sonata

Blend Games writes: "Put Chopin's music to the classical tale of a struggle between the perpetual forces of good and evil and you have yourself an Eternal Sonata. This game is as charming as it is uniquely balanced with a few old-school RPG elements and a good dose of visual eye-candy. And if you never played this game for the Xbox 360, it will soon be available for the PlayStation 3.

There's been a revision of sorts to this rendition of the game, giving PlayStation 3 gamers who had to wait a year for this game to come out, exclusive new content not featured on the Xbox 360. For starters, there's new playable characters who join the player's party: Crescendo and Serenade. The battle system has been left intact, along with the story, however PS3 owners will be treated to additional voice-over work and new cinematic sequences. "

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