The Heartbreaking Final Fantasy VII Song That Makes Me Smile

Kotaku: "One of Final Fantasy’s most iconic songs doesn’t even make my top 10 favorite list. That said, it’s also one of my most cherished. What makes it special is that it’s tied to one of my fondest memories—but not in as sweet a way as you may think."

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Pantz323d ago

I laughed during that part too. And had the friend who was upset by it. Good to hear there are others out there who did the same.

nortozakne323d ago

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pasta_spice323d ago

The edgelord "journalists" (and I use that term lightly) at Kotaku are out in full force.

Why would anyone give a crap if you laughed at Aeriths death? It's hardly worth writing an article about.

360ICE323d ago

Just jumping at any chance to get triggered, huh?

I'm so sorry that Kotaku forces you to read their texts.

JAWx423323d ago

For the love of God, stop whining. Some people enjoy reading other people's opinions. Also, the person who wrote the article is working freelance so you can hardly expect them to have some huge story to leak or something.

I also find it hilarious that some people on this site like to call out the journalists on Kotaku when they have Jason Schreier, who is basically the last REAL games journalist.

raWfodog323d ago

I love the FFVII soundtrack, especially 'Aerith's Theme' and 'One-Winged Angel'. I keep it on loop when I'm driving around in FFXV.