Teslagrad’s Port, World to the West’s Scrapped 3DS Port and a Bunch of Other Rain Game Reveals

In case you missed it yesterday, what started out as a simple poll on Twitter, ended up being anything but.

We wanted to see how our followers would feel about a Zelda game being made by Davide Soliani, Rain Games or even Capcom once again, even if the latter solely worked on a remaster of the game they’ve done before, or had Rain Games do it for them. Now, to be up front, I already went into the whole “Rain Games should be allowed to make a Zelda game” thing, which you can see for yourself by clicking here, but today isn’t about that. Today is about the numerous responses our poll got from World to the West designer Ole Ivar Rudi and believe me, he said plenty.From talking about the decision for split characters, Zelda inspirations and even scrapped plans for a 3DS port, we really got to learn more about what is simply a beautiful game that is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month. So because of what was said, we felt it was fitting to dedicate an article to the bigger responses and share them in their tweet form, rather than a boring copy and paste job. Without further ado, here are our highlights...

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