Shacknews: First Diablo 3 Hands-on Impressions: Hell Yeah

Shacknews writes: "Diablo III does look very different from Diablo II. It does. You notice when you're playing. Stylistically, graphically, much has changed.

But after a few seconds of playing, I was back in the same feverish loot-hording mode, locked into a clickfest of nostalgic proportions. Diablo III may look different, but it has the same tactile feel of the original games, the same satisfying feedback of swords and spells.

Starting out in the Tristram Woods, my demonstration began by taking a quest titled the "Return of the Skeleton King." It was my job to make my way through the ghostly woods, enter the old Tristram Church, and destroy the renewed Skeleton King, a throwback to the original Diablo. Playing as a Wizard first, and then a Barbarian, I got a fair sampling of the available classes."

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Bob Dole3540d ago

Oh Diablo... you so sexy.