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"South Park: The Fractured but Whole is an uncreative game with a terrible plot filled with forced and unfunny jokes. The battle system from the original was demolished replacing it with a new shallow one. This game somehow ended up being much worse than its predecessor"

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Sgt_Slaughter352d ago

No name site with a bad layout gives a game that's been out for months now a bad review because it's South Park-type humor/plot?


352d ago
Takwin352d ago

Won't even click. Came here to comment.

Reviews are subjective, but anything WAY off the norm is clickbait or stupidity or hate. Game is an all-around solid 7-9.

Diffraction_Fos352d ago

Wait a sec. I enjoyed this game as much as the next fan, but don't you think you're being a tad unreasonable? If someone doesn't like a popular game that you happen to like, then they must be stupid? You seriously can't be THAT arrogant.

Takwin351d ago

It's not arrogance. I expect people to review games to be serious and to examine a title even if they find it offensive, or if they don't like the genre. I am able to judge a game as quality even if I don't like the genre. I can do the same with a TV show or movie.

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Cy352d ago

Lol, try harder, no name website.

Sgt_Slaughter352d ago

I looked into previous reviews, this isn't the only weird one:

Xenoblade 2 - 53/100
Ultra Sun/Moon - 62/100
Bubsy - 4/100 (even if the game isn't good, a 0.4 out of 10? Seriously?)
Fire Emblem Warriors - 38/100
Pokken Tournament DX - 61/100
ARMS - 57/100
Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 HD - 73/100

And many, many more. I'd suggest staying away from it in the future.

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