Will Having a Passion for Video Games Ever be Considered as 'Normal'?

— PlayStation Enthusiast:

Video games have existed for decades, but still have a bad reputation in the eyes of many folks. Will loving video games ever be considered 'normal'?

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FallenAngel1984350d ago

Why shouldn’t it be? There’s nothing wrong with having a passion for it just like there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about other entertainment mediums.

Madeline__349d ago

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3-4-5348d ago

Most of the people making fun of video games don't really have any hobbies themselves, they just socialize.

strayanalog350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Video games have been pretty mainstream for, at least, a decade now. So, to be honest I already thought games were. I haven't heard anyone call the medium a toy, think playing them is weird or geeky, or garnered a head shake in probably 17 years.
I would imagine what's left of the Silent Generation and probably some Baby Boomers don't care for games. That's about it. All in all, if anything it's only going to become more normal as time drums on.

wonderfulmonkeyman349d ago

The better question is, does it matter either way?
Gamers will continue enjoying it even if it doesn't get accepted as "Normal" at every point in the future of this planet.
And that's okay.

Cobra951349d ago

It doesn't, if you're your own person. If you are subordinate to someone else (parent, nagging spouse, domineering boss . . .), then it does. You have to justify yourself if you let someone else have authority over you.

Krysis348d ago

We went a long time with the negative stigmas associated with gaming. I didn't care in the 90's and I don't care now.

quent349d ago

We gamers consider it as such, everyone else looking in from the outside of gaming well I personally don't really care what they think of gaming or consider what it should be, especially with how mass media has portrayed video games in the last 30 or so years, promoting extreme examples of negativity associated with videogames based on pure ignorance

opinionated349d ago

No shame in my game. “Normal” these days isn’t something I want to associate with anyways.

I just wish our media had the same passion for games instead of being useless hacks. To them I say you got no skill, you got no talent, your shit sucks dills and your bitch tosses salad.

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