LittleBigPlanet unboxed, nearly two weeks early

From MaxConsole:

"A source who wishes to remain anonymous so as he puts it "won't get hunted down", has sent along a wealth of pictures of him un-boxing the US version of Little Big Planet. As well as the physical un-boxing of the game, he has also sent a long a variety of screens"

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vitz33514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

There was a post here. It's gone now.

dro3514d ago

this happens all the time when a block buster game is about to be relased. i rember when mgs4 came out some one got the bundle/game before it was relased and he posted the video on n4g. i will not be suprised if it is the same gy.

Montrealien3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Lucky, I can`t wait for this cute sucker, the game looks like lots of fun. But is it just me, or does it look like it`s in 720p? Maybe a fake?

Pennywise3514d ago

The beta is 720P Montrealien.

Montrealien3514d ago

720p it is then. no biggie. It is just a tad anooying, but I`m getting used to it. When they figure out the PS3, all games will be in 1080p/60fps, I`m patient.

plain rice3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Nowadays I really don't care if its 720p or 1080p anymore. I just play the damn game. WipeoutHD is beautiful but so is the gameplay so even if Wipeout was rendered in 720p I wouldn't give a s**t.

BTW the guy is really lucky. I can get my games only 2 to 4 days early. I wish I had the full LBP right now. Beta alone is already above every game I've played so far. I love creating stuff in this game.

proArchy3514d ago

making the game 720p allows for more physics and objects to be crammed into a level so, no worries here

Figboy3514d ago

Silent Hill 2 reference? nice.

anyway, on topic: that's nice, i guess. games get unboxed early all the time, but i guess with LBP being so fricking fantastic (although, at the moment, i'm having trouble connecting to the servers :( ...), people would find this exciting.

i finally preordered my copy today from the game store across the street, so i'm all pumped about the 21st (and knowing those guys, a few days before).

INehalemEXI3514d ago

They should make a PSeye/LBP Bundle.

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cp683514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

MM / SCE have power. LOTS of power. All they need to know is find out IP from where the image has been uploaded , as well as his username.

this guy is going down.

Nitrowolf23514d ago

Ya but what are they going to do?
i mean can you get in trouble for this?

cp683514d ago

Very simple: Block his Playstation Network connectivity.

Nitrowolf23514d ago

He still have the game. I find it useless doing that, they can always change there IP adress. Im sure this person will be fine

Rich16313514d ago

Oh, please. You think Sony is going to bend over backwards to catch him??? They probably don't give a hoot, they got paid.

Conan9973514d ago

You think sony got paid for that?

It's called stolen.

No point of sale system is going to allow a sale of LBP now, he probably works at a game retail store, found it in the shipment box(cuz games show up 1-2 weeks before they are released) and pocketed it.

thor3514d ago

So sony would still have been paid for the shipment. Come on they don't care I mean threespeech is GIVING AWAY copies of LBP early.

Rich16313514d ago

YES. Sony got paid. This dude, if he stole it, likely worked for a retail store, like you said, which means that store loses money not Sony. That store, say EB games, sent out an order to Sony or the wholesaler/whatever. They paid them and Sony sends the games to them. So Sony wins, the store loses. DUH! Basic Business 101.

Fox013514d ago

Why would they punish him for purchasing the game early? This is dumb, it's not like he stole the game or something. He paid for it, right?

zslash3514d ago

Who says he stole it...?

LoVeRSaMa3514d ago

IP Adress, do you even know what your talking about?

Some Countries even share I.P Adresses, IP adress stoped being a reliable source a long time ago =]

There can be many PS3's linked to 1 IP adress, Sony are not going to block them all.

Sony cannot touch the guy because he got it early, its down to the company who allowed him to get it early ect.

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robotnik3514d ago

Why would they want to hunt him down? It's not like he can connect to the PSN and start doing stuff. He can only use the singeplayer mode.

dro3514d ago, im sure u work at a game store and u do that that is y u know how it goes down,...i want in!! we can work together and keep it a secret... XD.... LOL

mamaofosama3514d ago

a guy on my friends list has the disc little big planet right now, because he does reviews for IGN, and hes an editor.

THC CELL3514d ago

i love it it its the first box i have seen

Only on play station

he or she is very very very lucky

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