How Sony Could Meet The Challenge Presented By The Xbox One X

As 2018 dawns, the Xbox One X stands alone as the most powerful video game console you can buy. Months of pre-release hype were fulfilled when the One X launched in November. The console's beefy specs (2.3 GHz 8-core CPU, 1.172 GHz, 6 teraflop GPU, 12 GB GDDR5 memory, 326 GB/s bandwidth) have already been leveraged to enhance many games to levels no other console can match. Sony’s most powerful console, the PS4 Pro, isn’t in the same league.

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JaguarEvolved320d ago

-''Sony will have an answer for the One X. What that answer will be remains unknown. Whatever it is, sooner is better than later from Sony’s point of view.''

sonys anwer is having the best looking games for consoles and the most exclusive games for consoles of this generation. the xbox doesnt have any exclusive titles available because they are all on pc

Kribwalker320d ago

they don’t have the best looking games tho. AC Origins and Forza 7 are two of the best looking games out there. And one is 3rd party Multiplat. Just wait till more games take advantage of it

OB1Biker320d ago

'Months of pre-release hype were fulfilled when the One X launched in November' with a very disappointing npd result.
There's your answer. I'm sure many peoples jaws were on the floor.

TheKingKratos320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

No ps4Pro do have the best looking games and will continue to have them and
Those games got the awards for best graphics from most sites like Horizon and Uncharted LL etc etc
Even those games on base ps4 look better than anything in the Market
Now show me those Assassin creed origins graphics awards

bluefox755320d ago

@Kribwalker Neither one of those games look as good as HZD or UC4. Even digital foundry agrees.

Dragonscale320d ago

@krib, higher res doesn't always mean better graphics fgs.

UCForce320d ago

@Kribwalker Really ? Digital Foundry said Horizon Zero Dawn is the best looking game of 2017. They added that game on their number one list. Oh, Are you going to say them are Sony bias ?

wobblypops46320d ago

Too bad that those exclusives that you people always boast about only sell to about 2-3% of the entire PS4 user base. Go ahead and check the sales of each exclusive then compare that to the supposed 70+ million PS4's out there. It seems that the majority don't care about them for all the damn hype they get. But who cares about the truth because that would just kill the whole false narrative that exclusives matter, right? smh

320d ago
Razzer320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

I’m playing AC Origins on a PC more powerful than One X. It doesn’t touch HZD in visuals.

one2thr320d ago (Edited 320d ago )


Thats what happens when a console has many available options, and many options to come.

Some people have time and money to buy them all, whereas others have to pick and choose accordingly.

As for the other, its pretty much, "What you see is, what you get".

morganfell320d ago

Sony doesn't need to answer anything. The X1X, the console deemed more important than a single new Xbox IP has already dropped past 60 on Amazon and the game that was going to rule the world, pubg, is plummeting too.

Game over.

MS is the one that needs to start sweating bullets over everything Sony has coming and everything Sony is about to do that has yet to be unveiled.

ABizzel1320d ago

AC Origins doesn't look better than a couple of open world games this generation. It's nice that it's Dynamic 4K on XBO-X with some added post processing, but it's still not the best looking open world game. Completely excluding art style because then we bring Zelda and Gravity Rush into the mix, Horizon is still a much better looking game running on weaker hardware.

These games are designed for the base consoles, and scaled up, so until it changes where games are designed for the XBO-X and scaled down (which is unlikely outside of exclusives), we won't see many games that look better than the current PS4 exclusives, especially considering there are only a few game engines out there that rival Sony's first party engines CryEngine, Frostbite, iD Tech, and this one's a big maybe when it comes to console, but Unreal Engine 4 (said game must be developed as an exclusive). None of which MS own, so unless they get a 2nd party exclusive PS will still carry the graphics crown, even if they lose the resolution battle.

Xx_Pistol_xX319d ago

@Kribwalker Notice that Assassins Creed sold better on PS4 and that Forza is getting outsold by Gran Turismo.

yeahokwhatever319d ago

kirbwalker is stoned out of his mind. pay no attention.

yeahokwhatever319d ago

hey wobbly, those games you say dont sell are selling better than the XB1X.

Kribwalker319d ago

So suddenly digital foundry is relevant and not biased again? you guys flip flop more then a fish out of water

S2Killinit319d ago

there is really no challenge posed by xbonex.

indysurfn319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

That was WRONG DeadSilence! I am NOT going to laugh! Nope can't make me!
(wait I have to go do something).

I'm back.
What Sony COULD DO is KEEP giving us what we want! Next up, to make the Cherry on top would be 'Legend of Dragoon 2'! That would be sweet.

We want Exclusives.
We want first party exclusives
We want JRPG's
We want games that take advantage of the PS4, and PS4 Pro hardware.
We want SINGLE player with story included games.

We don't want Microsoft's greedy attitude... err ....I mean SERVICES (which in this case means rent to never own).

RacerX319d ago

As an Xbox fan boy myself, even I can see that Sony doesn't need an answer to the X1X right away. Sony has massive market share, many exclusives, and great public perception.

X1X is powerful, but not enough exclusives for me to buy one yet. Its great for a lot of people I'm sure, but I'm not ready to jump in until I see a steady stream of exclusives lined up.

UltraNova319d ago (Edited 319d ago )


HZD beats the living shit out of Forza and AC:O. Its not even fair really. How about taking the blinders off for once...common you can still do it once for 2017!


Forbes is a joke, I can't say this enough.

Realms319d ago


That's why plebs that support MS aren't getting any new Ip's enjoy the extra pixels on games that can be played on every other platform including PC which by the way can outperform the x.

DialgaMarine319d ago

@Krib Not that your comments have any validity as is, but when you mention Forza 7 as “one of the best looking games out there”, you just dig yourself deeper and deeper. Not only is Forza 7 far from a great graphics example, GTS looks better, and racing games are typically not included in such discussions because they are literally the least demanding games on any hardware. Dynamic cloud movements and day/ night cycles, for example, are much more impressive in a game like HZD than they are in Forza 7. Feel free to cry about it, but DF, the same group who constantly praises X and were officially sponsored by MS (but never Sony), marked HZD as the most impressive tech piece this year for a reason. Guess what? HZD wasn’t built for some super powered Netflix or PC hardware; it was built for base PS4 hardware, and it looks that good. Happy New Year.

rainslacker319d ago


So, I have a question.

People keep saying that exclusives don't matter.

So that makes me wonder, does power matter?

You see, despite the power gulf between X1X and PS4P/PS4, the PS4(and maybe the Pro) are outselling the X1X, and PS4 in general is outselling the X1 in general. So, since it's not exclusives, and the X1X's power doesn't seem to be changing anything as Sony continues to dominate over MS(and right now, Nintendo is surpassing MS), what exactly is compelling people to buy these systems?

Since it's not exclusives, and not power, that leaves playing with friends, or people just don't like MS or Xbox enough to give it a second glance.

I await your answer.

GamingIVfun319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

The Xbox One X Is the most powerful console that everyone has to show zoomed in footage of games to show how much more powerful it is over the competition. No one plays games inches from the screen. the difference is so minimal that the media and bloggers have to use zoomed in footage to show any difference over the PS4 Pro, we see this in nearly every article, ridiculous. In it's release month the Xbox One X could not beat the PS4, why because the PlayStation platform is the best platform for gaming period. Microsoft has a long way to go with the Xbox platform to being better than PS4 over all.

How Microsoft could meet the challenge presented by the PS4.

Professor_K319d ago

Best looking games that suck. Honestly thats all the rage with Ps exclusives they look visualy appealing for casuals but fail establish overall lmao.

319d ago
UCForce319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

No @kribwalker, You are the one who flips flopping.

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HaveSumNuts320d ago

The challenge of having no exclusives?

mcstorm320d ago

Thats he thing Microsoft have set them selfs up to be in the good books with gamers again with the Xbox one x as it's what gamers asked for but they now need to provide gamers with must buy exclusive games. We know that 3rd party games will look better on the X than the pro just like on the PS4 vs Xbox one so Microsoft have to be all about games in 2018. They have sea of thevse coming early 18 so they now need to back that up with more games early in 18 late 18 and than early into 2019 to have any chance of biting into Sonys market. One thing for sure is no one knows what sony Microsoft and Nintendo will do next but one thing is for sure and that the gaming industry is still strong.

RauLeCreuset319d ago (Edited 319d ago )


"Thats he thing Microsoft have set them selfs up to be in the good books with gamers again with the Xbox one x as it's what gamers asked for..."

I'm seeing this talking point a lot, and it should be challenged. Gamers did not want to have to shell out another $500 in hopes that MS would get it right on the second try. Gamers wanted the original $500 console to live up to the hype MS was selling. MS execs lied and deceived to downplay the Xbox's lack of power. They didn't do it to downplay the power difference between Xbox and a console that benefited from launching a year later, nor did they do it to downplay the power difference between Xbox and a console that cost more. They did it to downplay the power difference between the Xbox and a $100 cheaper, more powerful console that launched at the same time as what they were offering.

Silently conceding that the secret sauce and cloud hype were just that by releasing a $500 update midway through the gen is not delivering on what fans wanted. A company should not have to rely on power as much to sell a system this late in the gen. While power differences may become more evident later in the gen, the importance of power as a selling point should diminish (unless one system is just so under powered 3rd parties stop supporting it), because each console should have built up a deep enough exclusives library by then to serve as its main selling point. Power (like BC) is a bigger factor at the start of a gen, particularly when you have two systems launching at the same time and so few retail exclusives distinguishing them that you could chop off some fingers and still have enough to count how many there are in total, and especially when the significantly cheaper option is the one with the power advantage.

OB1Biker319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

'the Xbox one x as it's what gamers asked for '
My @ss
You may have a point if it was the start of a new gen but its not
Gamers didnt ask for iterative consoles. Its marketing and an option for some is all it is

bluefox755320d ago

That was my immediate thought, then I saw it was Forbes, and it made more sense.

RosweeSon320d ago

Agreed, hype was fulfilled? Maybe for fanboys for anyone else nah. Not disputing its powerful if that’s your bag brilliant I buy a games console for games and 2018 looks just as dry from Microsoft as the last 4 years

chiefJohn117319d ago

Last 4 years? Xbox one had a better lineup than PS4 the first 2 years. 2017 and 2016 may have been dry but don't act like the previous years wasn't Poppin. It was Sony with the "sparse" lineup remember? Ofc you don't remember, it was all about resolution back then.

RosweeSon319d ago

Chief John I remember it very well Xbox was whack PS4 sure killzone knack etc but that soon changed. Whereas Xbox had halo remasters Forza yearly and oh that timeless classic Ryse.

joab777320d ago

Or another perspective is that 4k gaming remains a niche and now Sony has the upper hand on next gen consoles AND exclusivity.

I'd much rather be in Sony's position because they can leverage the PS4 by selling it for $350 or $300 and bundle it with any of their insane number of exclusives. While the X1X is great, for the vast majority of people, it makes more sense to spend $100 less and have access to a ton more games.

And Sony can announce the PS5 a year early if need be, or keep stacking exclusives.

FinalFantasyFanatic319d ago

With the way people talk, everyone must have the money for a $600+ console and a $2000 TV lying around. Everyone will disagree with me but I don't think native 4k will be standard next gen, I'm sure we'll get something in between upscaled to 4k.

I always look at Sony as having a bigger games library then Microsoft because it has exclusives as well, whereas Microsoft just has mostly multiplats that you can play anywhere.

320d ago
Aceman18320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

I thought Sony challenge to always provide the best games with variety as possible for its gamers. I'd say they always meet that challenge.

tontontam0320d ago

"Too bad that those exclusives that you people always boast about only sell to about 2-3% of the entire PS4 user base. Go ahead and check the sales of each exclusive then compare that to the supposed 70+ million PS4's out there. It seems that the majority don't care about them for all the damn hype they get. But who cares about the truth because that would just kill the whole false narrative that exclusives matter, right? smh"

Sony: oh only 2% cares about exclusives out of our 70 milllion users, ok lets make a good game for them.

Microsoft: oh only 2% of our users cares about exclusives, let's just ignore them and make xbox one x.

Tru_Blu319d ago

Jist of what I wanted to say. Sony has nothing to worry about this gen, they can coast from here on out and be just fine.

sampsonon319d ago

swear i didn't see your comment before made mine. lol but t was the first thing that came to my head.

fr0sty319d ago

"How Sony Could Meet The Challenge Presented By The Xbox One X"
Wake up... hit the snooze button... roll over... go back to sleep.

trooper_319d ago

That's exactly what I thought.

DrumBeat319d ago

Sony has the games edge for damned sure, but power is a thing too. Not as important as games by far, but it is a factor. Again, not a factor like games, but a factor.

319d ago
NukeDaHippies319d ago

Can they flop as hard a ms can, that challange. Seriously the guy that wrote this has no sence of reality.

ASBO-5319d ago

took the words right out of my mouth homie!

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Eonjay320d ago

This article first tried to establish that Xbox One is so powerful that it has no competition and completely glossed over the fact that the PS4 is still beating it. He asks, what Sony can do now but doesn't mention they just had their highest sales ever. Why is that not good enough? Why does Sony have to release a more powerful console this second or lose everything? How does this explain Nintendo and its success? This is why Xbox keeps losing. No real thought ever goes towards examining the gamers who support this indusry. Plus the premise is always reversed, Microsoft is the one who needs to meet the challenge.

PS4 is the challenge.

MegaMohsi320d ago

Yeah this article was all over the place. Just a poorly written clickbait piece, Sony is the current champion they don't need to meet any challenge, the challengers are MS and Nintendo.

319d ago
320d ago
one2thr320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

Their priorities are F'd up.

Bought Minecraft.

Bought the HAVOK engine.

Spent millions to sponsor a futball team.

Presented AZURE to boost the systems processing capabilities.

Shot down Sony's cross play idea last gen.



KillBill320d ago

Except it did no such thing. It established that the X is so powerful that it has no competition. And the comparative Pro is not beating it. Sure... the PS4 is beating the Xbox One but the X is by far overpowering the Pro.

Sure the Pro and X are considered the luxury models of each brand and are not going to sell as well as the cheaper Slim versions. But it does not change the topic that X is the most powerful system and Pro is finding it hard to compare itself with it... and instead, Sony is more often comparing it against XB1S then not.

The Wood320d ago

Lol. Games bro. That's how and why Xbox is getting dominated. It's why the switch is doing better if you mirrored the timelines. It's not a graphical beast but it does have more compelling exclusive titles. Basically if all consoles got released around the same time the Xbox would be dead last. Can't beat off the competition on release month on home turf . . . . That's the challenge. . . .lol

Aenea320d ago

But when games are compared on the two you have to zoom in to 300% on still frames to notice the difference, while playing the Pro is keeping up perfectly fine since only a small group of people is busy counting pixels. Well, if the idea of owning the fastest current console is what makes them happy, so be it...

RauLeCreuset319d ago

"It established that the X is so powerful that it has no competition. And the comparative Pro is not beating it. Sure... the PS4 is beating the Xbox One but the X is by far overpowering the Pro."

We are talking about the system that just launched a month ago, right? I can see X outselling the Pro, as there is a bigger power disparity between the vanilla Xbox and the X than the PS4 and the Pro, but it would be wise to wait for numbers to settle into a more regular, post launch pattern.

"But it does not change the topic that X is the most powerful system and Pro is finding it hard to compare itself with it..."

But what does any of that translate to outside of trying to score points in console war debates? The X is still an Xbox, and the Pro is still a PS4. Is either offering games not available on the base models? Are there additional online offerings for MS and Sony to monetize that aren't available through the base models? If anything, I would imagine they make more of a profit selling the base models than the upgrades. What is being won here that would compel Sony to respond? The X was a gift to Sony. MS just said, let's stay in this gen you're dominating for even longer.

"Sony is more often comparing it against XB1S then not."

How often is that happening? Sony wins most NPDs and barely does anything more than acknowledge they won, let alone compare the Pro to the base X. MS is the company that can't remain consistent on whether it is choosing not to compete with PS for the top spot or bragging after a couple of NPD wins. Remember when they lost 2016 and moved the goalposts to throw shots at PS by claiming PS sales were down year-over-year and that Xbox was the best selling console of the second half of 2016?

trooper_319d ago

It could be the world's best super computer but it means NOTHING when actual exclusives don't show what it's capable of. People buy consoles for games, not power.

You need a reality check.

FinalFantasyFanatic319d ago

I really think the the Xone is overpowered, there's such a big gap between the vanilla consoles and the PRO just to barely manage 4k. Is it really worth all the extra money for just a little bit more graphically fidelity when the PRO gets similar results for less money. 4k is only starting to trickle down to the average consumer but I still think it's a premium experience at premium prices.

Chevalier319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Weird. My store sold a ton of our Pro systems during Boxing day and Black Friday while my Xbox X systems just sit there unsold. Other than the launch week my stores X sales are tanking. If power mattered as much as you think the X would be destroying the Switch sales.

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Aenea320d ago

Yeah, it's in a totally other league when DigitalFoundry needs to zoom to 300% and circle things so Xbox fans can see the One X version clearly looks better!

I think the Pro is keeping up nicely, so what games have a bit of a lower resolution on a 4k TV, most console owners probably don't have a 4k TV just yet, besides, even if they do I doubt any of them could tell the difference while playing anyways...

For Xbox fans it's just the idea that theirs is the better one, nothing more. Doesn't make games suddenly more enjoyable tho...

KickSpinFilter319d ago

I would look at it this way:
Checkerboard 4K rendering to native 4K is of diminishing returns. Let's look at a beach it's boulders versus rocks for an (extreme) illustration, that was org XB1 to PS4, now we move to XB1X vs PS4 Pro. To illustrate we start looking at sand in Hawaii compared to sand in CapeCod, USA. From the same distance that we were looking at the boulders and rocks. While the sand in Hawaii is much more fine than the course sand at the Cape we can't tell the difference really from that same distance as we were from the boulders and rocks. Sure if you get on your hands and knees ya it's a big difference from 6 inches away! Most sit at least 6 feet away from their sand errrr TV.
What XB1X will hopefully offer is more detail, more stuff/clutter in worlds, better npc, weather effects, physics, AI. That should be the promise of XB1X, not 4K over Checkerboard, but will we see these details in 3rd party games not so sure due to parity with XB1+x and to some extent PS4+Pro. For MS first party games maybe we will so far not really Forza 7 almost looks identical except looking through crystal glass instead of regular.
For now PS4/Pro still has a slew of AAA exclusives now and coming, along with a diverse catalog of games, 3rd party DLC exclusivity, PSVR, and the snowball effect of 70+ million systems already in the wild. If Sony is smart they ride that into 2020 when they release PS5 with PS4 backwards compatibility at the start of a new generation when it really matters.
It's going to be a hard road for MS if they just don't want to except 3rd place this gen.

chiefJohn117319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

ROFL, no the og Xbox one in comparison to the PS4 has a bit lower resolution (which you made a huuuuge deal out of) the X has waaaaay better resolution, better FOV, less pop-ins, better textures, weather, AA, lighting and shadows, and last but not last core graphics.

Og xbo vs PS4 0.5 tflop difference the translate to 900p vs 1080p

Da X vs Pro 1.8 tflop difference that translates to 4k vs 1440p, high settings textures vs "soup like" textures

@Kick so 900 in comparison to 1080 was day and night but 4k with high to ultra settings vs 1440p checkerboard medium settings is like comparing sand? XD just when I thought I heard it all.

OoglyBoogly320d ago

I remember when Cloud Power™ was suppose to be their answer. SIX times the X1's TOTAL power thanks for the Cloud! Instead, we get a upgraded mid-gen console release 3 years later, no Cloud Power™, and more broken promises.

Good job Microsoft! Keep doing what the gamers want, clearly. I mean, it's not like Sony's exclusives are amazing and you guys aren't doing any yourselves...but man we need that better console! Because it was clearly the X1's lack in power that made it sell so poorly. /s

This whole thing is screwy in my opinion.

trooper_319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

That's what happens when you don't take journalism 101.
This journalist is clueless.

Realms319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

It is odd that Sony would have to react to MS based on the X when the Switch which is far less powerful is outselling the X that should factor in. MS is losing because they have made too many mistakes and a lot of people have jumped ship. MS lost a lot of market share because of the decisions they have made plain and simple.

FinalFantasyFanatic319d ago

The PRO is the answer to the XoneX, if anything the XoneX was a reaction to the PRO, or rather Microsoft's attempt to one up them, which they did performance-wise. The Switch just further Solidifies the fact that console gamers are price sensitive, we say this last gen with the Wii/PS3/360 and again with the Xone Vs PS4. Microsoft just can't seem to get it right this gen, even Nintendo is finally making the right moves after their initial failure with the WiiU.

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Destiny1080320d ago

have you ever visited the xbox store, its a ghost town

sony have nothing to worry about, xbox is already dead and buried, they just don't realise it yet

320d ago
OoglyBoogly319d ago

Basically, I don't see how MS isn't losing money on the Xbox brand. I see it more at this point as a "we have to keep this going whether we make money or not" just because to let go of the Xbox brand is admission to complete and utter failure on their part.

Just sucks because this is all due to them making the incorrect and odd choices they make. Xbox One is selling poorly due to Sony having better exclusives and mentality towards gamers? Let's go buy Minecraft for 2 billion dollars! Like...what?! Why didn't they build several FULL BLOWN studios to make their own games and IP's? I mean, shit, 2 billion dollars would be enough to EASILY fund and support 4 or more entire development studios for their entire developmental time...

But nope! We're going to keep lying and promising shit we don't or can't deliver and then spend a bunch of money on a single game and new console for no reason.

Averyashimself319d ago

I'm beginning to believe that the Xbox One X was partly created because some higher ups just wanted a more powerful xbox to play with, whilst making a little extra cash.

chiefJohn117319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Open your eyes and you'll see how they're making money. Games, services and accessories.

@Avery not exactly the top requested things on Xbox official forums and surveys were more power and BC. After the botched reveal Ms has been dedicated to listen and give fan request. (Why do you think they've finally allow cross play, the U.I updates, controller upgrades, etc )

FinalFantasyFanatic319d ago

I get the feeling Microsoft just hasn't bothered to try this gen, I think as long as they're making bank, they don't care what Sony or Nintendo do. It's all income to them anyway, although you'd think they'd try to take as much of the gaming pie as they can to increase their profits.