NieR: Automata Director Praises Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Yoko Taro, NieR: Automata’s director, recently took part in an interview conducted by 4Gamer where he praised Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game for mobile. When asked which g…

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Servbot41320d ago

I really enjoy it (because the crafting system is WAY better than the RNG of the shop and gift systems of past releases) but there are really strange "walls" built into it like your average mobile game. You can plan around them if you are really paying attention and take full advantage of the systems in place, but the walls simply cost too much to ever consider paying to bypass. A lot of the extras you can pay for are simply not worth it, which I guess is somewhat of a blessing in disguise.

Jasmine__320d ago

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bluefox755320d ago

It's all right, if a bit bare bones compared to a proper Animal Crossing release. What I thought was interesting was how poorly monetized it was. It didn't seem like I'd ever encounter a scenario where I would be tempted to spend real money. This is a good thing for the gamer, of course, just seemed odd from a business standpoint.

Servbot41320d ago

They've already made at least $10 million, so they've made back the investment easily. My guess is they don't want the Animal Crossing brand associated with predatory microtransactions once they eventually release a Switch game. I even threw $2.99 their way for one of the launch bundles even though it was completely pointless for me just to give them some love.

Nebaku320d ago

I think the average consumer has the ability to distinguish a mobile entry from a mainline one. It's not like people associate pokemon with micro transactions despite the success of Pokémon Go.

Fritz-o-Toole319d ago

I love the characters in AC, but Pocket Camp is trash.