Enter the Gungeon sells 75,000 copies on Switch in two weeks

NE: "Enter the Gungeon has achieved significant sales success on Switch. In just two weeks, the game has managed to sell over 75,000 copies. Dodge Roll announced the news via Twitter: Enter the Gungeon has sold over 75,000 copies on Nintendo Switch in just two weeks, surpassing all expectations. Thanks to all the new Gungeoneers, Nintendo and 22nd Century Toys!"

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wonderfulmonkeyman353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

I JUST got Skyrim so I'm not planning on getting anything else this month, but when my birthday rolls around in February I might treat myself to multiple indies.
This is on my list, and I'm glad they've found so much success.^_^

Leeroyw353d ago

Skyrim on Switch has been amazing. Better than expected. And I had over 130 hrs on ps3.
To play on the train and when the boss isn't looking. Gold.

ZeekQuattro353d ago

Another indie success story on the Switch. Glad to hear it.

Shuckylad353d ago

I’d love nuclear throne to get a switch port.

FullmetalRoyale352d ago

I’m very satisfied with my purchase of Enter the Gungeon. I’m glad that others bought it as well.

The 10th Rider352d ago

I've already played through more indies on Switch than I have on PC, despite owning far more on PC.

When I play my PC I'm typically interested in playing a full fledged AAA experience and as a result indie games don't really get much attention. On top of that the Switch is just so dang convenient to play. With our PC in the basement it feels like gaming on the PC is something that I have to set time aside for, whereas gaming on Switch is something I can do when I have a minute here or there . . . especially since I can just pull it out of the dock and start playing. When you're playing twenty minutes here and there a few times a day, most days of the week, it adds up fast. The Switch's convenience and versatility is one of it's greatest assets.