Dark Souls 2 Hit 200 Million Total Deaths Worldwide; 42 Deaths Per Second on Consoles

Yesterday, during a session of Dark Souls 2, a notification appeared that reported on the number of total deaths that have happened in the game after more than 3 years since its launch: 200 million.

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FallenAngel1984325d ago

Did we really need these statistics

zelent324d ago

No, but Dark Souls 2 is a seriously underrated game (better than Dark Souls 3 imho). I'm glad it's getting the attention.

ziggurcat324d ago

There is no way DS2 is better than DS3.

DS2 wasn't bad (I personally put in well over 200 hours into that game), but it is easily the worst one in the series. It's the only one that Miyazaki wasn't involved with, and was tainted by their attempt to make the game more "accessible" by dumbing down the difficulty, including allowing the de-spawning of enemies in each area.

I would love to see a Demon's Souls or Dark Souls 1 (or both) remaster.

meganick324d ago

I agree that 2 (Scholar of the first sin) is better than 3. Part 3 had the laziest level design by far, and speeding up gameplay to match Bloodborne speed was not a welcome change for me.

uth11323d ago

i thought despawning made the game harder, because it's harder to grind for levels and upgrades-- at least in the beginning of the game when i needed upgrades the most

Fantomex324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Hey, they are interesting enough for Dark Souls 2 fans. What is the big deal?

Eidolon324d ago

I know I'm at least 10% of those deaths ; _;

ziggurcat324d ago

why not? death is part of the game.

Professor_K324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

The game is being replayed now more than ever because people are starting to realize how great it is. The story game story is really really deep and cryptic, made replay it several times.

nitus10324d ago

For those that don't know you can find out the total number of deaths when you look at the large obelisk that is overlooking the sea/ocean in Majula. The number can change sometimes dramatically (ie. tens) over the course of a few seconds.

To get there after creating your character you only need to exit the cave and keep walking (don't enter any cave that has a fog wall) through a cave and then with the sea on your right keep walking till you come to Majula (you will not be attacked by anything). You will see the large obelisk from the bonfire.

For people who are new to DS 2 it is a good idea to get familiar with the controls as well as gain souls by entering the two fog walls at the start of the game. Repeat at least two or three times to gain souls (it does not take that long) and confidence. After that walk to Majula and talk to the women near the bonfire a few times to level up.

After leveling up search Majula. You will come to a well (near to a pit) - knock the stone into the well for a bonus item. Caution don't attack the small creatures unless you are confident. There are also some useful items on a cliff path near where you first exited the cave from the "training area" - try not to fall into the sea.

Depending on your choice of character it is usually a good idea to go to the "Forest of Fallen Giants" first where you will see a huge creature. Don't attack unless you are very confident. Spells will kill it but you won't have any spell power left.

One feature that is a plus and a minus is the fact that you can clear a particular area of the enemy if you repeat that area about eight times.


Could not agree more.

One major feature of the PS4's "Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the first sin" is the fact that it runs [email protected] fps. Personally, I think that Bloodborne would truly benefit from 60fps instead of 30fps.

ChunkyHD323d ago

Did we really need this comment

TargusX323d ago

Did you really need to comment

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Number-Nine324d ago

DS2 was a big step back. Righted again with BB and DS3

Sciurus_vulgaris324d ago

I played all 3 Dark Souls games and Bloodborne. I personally think Dark Souls 2 is the weakest game of the “souls series”, the bosses were large easy and fighting large mobs was tedious.

Professor_K324d ago

I GRAVELY disagree. Dark souls 3 plays like shit compared to DS2.

Dragonscale324d ago

Nah, 3 craps on 2 in most areas. 2 was good but the worst in the series.

Professor_K323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Ill gladly explain.

The aniamtions choppy and glitchy making the game as smooth as an Mmo. This also affecst the combat.

Every strike you make looks like its out of an Shity anime hack n slash game.
In dark souls 2 the animation frames are way smoother and more natural giving of a relistical sense of combat.

ziggurcat322d ago

I’m not sure what you were playing the game on, but nothing of what you described even happened in DS3.

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adonisisfree324d ago

Demon souls is harder... Like way harder

PhantomS42324d ago

Absolutely loved Demon's Souls. Best game in the series and the one with the hardest difficulty curve. Dark Souls 3 for me is my second favorite followed by Bloodborne. Dark Soul 2 was a very fun game, loved every minute of it but I have to agree with other people it's the weakest in the series.

nitus10324d ago

It depends.

The original Dark Souls is the only Souls game (includes Demos Souls) that I could easily get to Anor Londo at level 15 without cheating (others can do it at level one) while the other games almost force you to keep leveling.

I personally found Dark Souls to be much harder than Demons Souls although to be fair I disliked the "swamp" areas of all the games. It should be noted when I said "disliked" I should point out that these areas were very challenging mainly because of the environment since it was very atmospheric.

frostypants324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

That f-ing giant dragon where you pretty much had to strip down to your underwear to move fast enough to kill him...

Demons Souls also had the coolest atmosphere and best level variety. I'd love to see a return to that world.

jjb1981324d ago

Its funny because they been using that old-ass font since King's Field.

nitus10324d ago

WOW, King's Field! Now that takes me back 😎. Those (only one and four) games are the ones that actually got me interested in the Souls/Borne games.

jjb1981324d ago

I loved that game. I put at least 100 hours into it. I died a lot.

frostypants324d ago

I love the little touches of tradition throughout their RPGs.

sk8ofmnd324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

The first dark souls was the best... than demon souls, bloodborne, ds3, ds2 😋

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