You can now play Super Mario 64 in first-person perspective

Talented modder ‘Kaze Emanuar’ has released a new interesting mode for the classic Nintendo 64 game, Super Mario 64. This mode allows players to experience this iconic Super Mario game in first-person perspective.

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FallenAngel1984346d ago

The only 3D platformer I’ll play in first person is Mirror’s Edge

chris235345d ago

and now the big question is: who on earth would want that? it may be a proof of concept but kids, this is really not gaming news.

Einhander1971345d ago

And why would you that's the question. What a waste of time, don't mess with perfection.

ceooflhm345d ago

You could do this in 2010 and it looked better. Not true first person but looks way better than mod in article.

Kosic345d ago

Idea sounds cool, but looks tacky as sh*t.

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