Soulja Boy Calls Out All Gamers

Loot Ninja writes:

"Soulja Boy has decided that he has transcended past rapper to ultimate gamer. I am not sure what his credentials are to claim that he is the ultimate Halo player, but he has called out every gamer on the planet to challenge them to a game of Halo."

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Mr_Bun3422d ago

And why do we care what he thinks or does?

taz80803422d ago

He is a young rapper that had one hit and now thinks he is gods gift to everything.

mikeslemonade3422d ago

He probably has some quick twitch skills from Halo 3 and then memorizing the maps to beat people who hardly play the game, but I doubt he has the knowledge of what games really are, the news around the gaming industry, and the art of games.

Manatee3422d ago

The greatest Braid player ever. Bwooooop.

Fox013422d ago

You guys should watch the video before talking shyt. He's just joking around. Don't hate on the kid coz he's rich.

Damn I wish I had all those games, and a LX5090H Kuro Pioneer TV.

KillJoi993422d ago

Silly pothead, tricks are for kids.

vickers5003422d ago

"Don't hate on the kid coz he's rich."

People dont hate him because he is rich. People hate him because he is an arrogant douchebag.

JsonHenry3422d ago

I still have no idea who this kid is and have never heard his music. (to my knowledge, all that hip-hop crap sounds the same to me)

FaSeCeX3422d ago

who are u to call hiphop crap and to say it all sounds the same..?
lol stop trying to act like u dont know who he is...every1 has heard that annoying ass superman song

MidnightProwler3422d ago

He's like Chad Warden only dumber.

sit down droid3421d ago


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dro3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

HAHAHA..LOL..... first soljia boy spoilt hip hop with that super man song now it looks like he is about to spoil x box live.... XD

EDIT : MR BUN,he brought out one of the most worst song in history but people still loved it bcuz it had a very catchy beat. it is one of the most watched song on youtube, over 35million views and still counting.

Mr_Bun3422d ago

I don't think that I will check out the link. If his music sounds anything like his rantings about the 360, I'd rather not subject myself to it.

GlossGreen3422d ago

You aren't missing anything. Excuse me. I have to go check and see if my ears are bleeding.

CEO of Troll Corp3422d ago

Waste of webspace,who gives a damn if a rapper plays with power rangers

DarkBlade3422d ago

Only thing cool here is that funny MC pic.

taz80803422d ago

The pic is pretty good! lol

dro3422d ago

bubbles up as well... ;D

taz80803422d ago

Power rangers? Is that supposed to be funny?

Xlll3422d ago

yes and it is funny. go back and play your little halo 2.5 pink ranger.

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The story is too old to be commented.