Wizards of the Coast Is Preparing Four To Five D&D Based Videogames Coming By 2019

Wizards of the Coast president Chris Cocks revealed that the company is preparing to release four to five D&D based videogames in the next twelve to eighteen months, and five or six set for 2020.

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KaiPow347d ago

I know not a lot of people didn't like it, but I'd love a follow-up to the PSP Dungeons and Dragons Tactics.

Imp0ssibl3347d ago

Never heard of it, what was it like?

Count_Bakula346d ago

Please let one be an open world Forgotten Realms turn-based game akin to Divinity.

PhantomS42345d ago

I'd be down with this. A Dragon Age Origins or Elder Scrolls type game would be perfect for D&D. Throw in an in-depth dungeon creator that you can play/share with friends or everyone ala Little Big Planet and it would be golden.

ILostMyMind345d ago

D&D is an inexhaustible source of content, but underutilized.

quent345d ago

They should partner up with Obsidian

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