Mind-Reading Video Game Unveiled in Tokyo

FOXnews writes: "Japanese game publisher Square Enix and American brain-wave-helmet maker NeuroSky showed off their latest joint creation at the Tokyo Game Show Thursday - a game that the player controls with his own thoughts instead of a keyboard or joysticks.
Called "Judecca" the PC game is a zombie-killing first-person-shooter, though it's really just a proof of concept and not something that's going to be available to consumers anytime soon".

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MrWonderful3451d ago

i hope this comes to consoles. i would like to control my ps3 with my mind.

Pebz3451d ago

Careful what you wish for, might just end up having the console control your mind. Imagine all the marketing money they could save by having "BUY THIS" transmitted right into your mind.

I find the whole concept rather creepy to be honest.

mfwahwah3450d ago

I'm totally buying a "mind set" when they get released. It just sounds like something I'd love to own.