The 2017 Action Game of the Year

This year saw its fair share of great to spectacular action games with a range of returning franchises and brand new franchises with bold direction.

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NecrumOddBoy268d ago

Definitely should not go to Zelda

joab777267d ago

Let's just get it over with and give the GotY award for every genre ever created. Then we can move on to 2018.

I loved the game but not my GotY and not as ingenious as everyone makes it out to be. It's damn good, but as is everything with Nintendo, it is compared to itself and held to a different standard.

NecrumOddBoy267d ago

I agree with you. I am pumped for the 2018 line up on PS4/PSVR and Switch

SenorFartCushion267d ago

The only thing that should matter is how you feel, to you. Zelda is my goty, but I'm not getting annoyed when I read GOTY winners that are different

Aenea267d ago

100% agreed. Loved Zelda, but loved the other games and even the honorable mentions more...

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PigPen267d ago

TLOZ: BOTW is getting love from everywhere. It is a amazing game.

majiebeast267d ago

Its just another overrated Nintendo game that doesnt get judged the same as other games otherwise its horrid/simplistic combat alone would have put it at a 8.5.

Imalwaysright267d ago

Oh yes! Pretty much every critic from all over the world went to some sort of secret reunion to decide how the game would be scored and to decide what game would win the most GOTY awards this year

PhantomS42267d ago

Ah, you are one of those people who think anything below a 9 is the worst. It was judged perfectly fairly, it's a fantastic game everything has some flaws but it's still an amazing game after those flaws.

sk8ofmnd267d ago

Yeah the combat, enemies, and bosses in botw leave very much to be desired... nowhere near the masterpiece of prev installments

Instantnoodles88267d ago

WOW! Breath Of The Wild truly is a phenomenal game. Even with all the great games released this year, Zelda really is in a league of its own.

Vanfernal267d ago

This is the stupidest list I've seen in a while... And you see stupid lists here almost daily.

"Speaking of Breath of the Wild’s open world, it’s a first for a Zelda game and encouraged countless hours of exploration. The gameplay also offered multiple ways of solving problems or puzzles, and provided an immersive environment that had players engulfed the moment the game was fired up.

With a huge playground filled with treasure and adventure Breath of the Wild is not only a phenomenal experience but makes a case for being one of the greatest games of all time."

Absolutely NOTHING that was said there had ANYTHING to do with action. Not a single thing. BOTW is an excellent game but don't f'n kid yourself saying it's the best action game of the year because it flat out isn't. The writer is an idiot and I bet he only owns a Switch.

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