6 of the most anticipated Xbox One co-op titles of 2018

Gareth writes: "Gaming is now all about the experience, and much of the draw of recent games has been the ability to take in a journey with others - cooperative style! For me, 2017 has been a blast, playing with friends on games that I probably would have got bored with on my own. Ghost Recon Wildlands, Destiny 2 and the continuing sagas of The Division were probably my highlights, with FIFA and its Pro Clubs feature already having been a staple nightly event for years now.

So without further ado I’m going to highlight my most anticipated Xbox One co-op games of 2018."

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darthv72351d ago

i liked the first State of Decay. Looking forward to playing 2 with my son. Same with Sea of Thieves.

Magnetar346d ago

Same here, unfortunately it’ll be torn apart on this site because it’ll be far from AAA quality.

Vasto350d ago

Deep Rock Galactic is one I am watching.