PES 2009 IGN UK Review

IGN-UK, October 10, 2008 - Football's many things to many people, but it's rarely a non-partisan affair. Every fan is born into their allegiances, seeing their given team playing the beautiful game, and sometimes playing the not-so-beautiful one.

That's no less true when it comes to football of the virtual kind; maybe you grew up with a Mega Drive in hand, your first steps on pixelated turf watched from the isometric view of the glorious early FIFA titles. Or maybe you had a SNES in the house and were bound to the dynamic thrust of Konami's International Superstar Soccer series, watching it eventually blossom into the PES franchise. Either way, bonds are made that are hard to break

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Harry1903425d ago

It's better than last year's mediocre attempt. I'll buy both.

boJABER3424d ago

yeah pes 09 on pc and fifa 09 on ps3 for me :)