Reddit User Discovers Another Hidden Cap in Destiny 2

This should come as no surprise, but there is another cap in Destiny 2 that Reddit users have discovered. This time, it's for glimmer.

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XiNatsuDragnel231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Sigh another one Bungie oh boy revolution

cleft5230d ago

Every step of the way Bungie is ripping off their consumers. Why are people even still playing this game? I don't care that its fun, the company is scamming you every step of the way. Wake up people, damn.

Nitrowolf2230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Because bungie will come out and apologize like they did last time and give a bs excuse like "we were about to remove it cause of our testing then the community found out, thanks guys for the help, we do this for you at the end of the day"

And the community will forgive them, even if it means bungie release some stupid item for everyone

81BX230d ago

The bigger question is.... who else?

NewMonday230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

stopped playing for a while, back only for the mayhem PvP

also notice the exotic engram drop rate is much lower

Neonridr230d ago

@NewMonday - it's ridiculous to be honest. I used to get an exotic for like every 10 public events I do. Now I am lucky to get 1 after doing 20.

thehitman1398230d ago

First i will say I "woke up" before the first destiny ended with its crap showing of dlc. But my brother was blinded.

Second, the reason why ppl still play is cuz at the core of the game, it's probably the best "fps" game. EVER... But that being said, every thing else is just horribly bad and it took a long time for my brother to realize that. But we both have stopped playing and have no intentions to play again.

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Sono421230d ago

Who cares? Let Bungie screw over the sheep, let the rest of us sit back and laugh.

Seraphim230d ago

That explains why it takes an obscene amount of time to get Glimmer. Even with a Ghost w/ 10% bonus on planet. They truly find every and any way to screw us players in Destiny. Since we don't have the content and depth what can we do to trick players into feeling they need to play more? I know, let's cap everything.

Though I will say, the experience distribution was previously better. You could get all 3 bright engrams with the weekly boost incredibly fast. Now I have to do 3-4x as much just to get the 3 bright engrams with the weekly boost. Any given week I get far less bright engrams than I use to. I have to play A LOT more to get the bright engrams I use to.

Ittoittosai230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Wait you're saying the cosmetic engrams that are offered are effecting the game? No way its just cometic stuff!!! Sarcasim over.

I actually had to explain to guy on bungies reddit that systems were being manipulated to sell bright engram therefore they had an effect on the game. He kept focusing on the stuff you were given from the engrams had no effect. Which is a lie because as you pointed out ghost give boosts to material gathering.

As long as there are Microtransactions of any kind in a AAA game the publisher, especially Activision/Blizzard, they will build the game around them and manipulate it to find your breaking point.

DirtyEffinHippy230d ago

This isn't new - it's literally carried over from the first Destiny - exactly the same.

Jmanzare230d ago

My glimmer is practically always maxed out its pretty much useless

ApexWolf22230d ago

You must never mod or use skins, that's where all my currency goes, I never have enough lol.

230d ago
Jmanzare230d ago

I do mod basically everything I have 3 maxed out characters

ApexWolf22230d ago

For the "maxxed out" fellas, do you even sleep? I play the game fairly often and money is always an issue.

Jmanzare229d ago

It doesn't take much to hit the level cap I got there in just a few days without even doing the raid or any nightfall strikes.

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ExplodingJuice230d ago

Yeah same. I mod everything and always end up maxed out on Glimmer. I always have 99999 glimmer at the end of the day and always over 2K shards. They really need to do invent some better shard sink. =\

JeffGUNZ225d ago

Same here. Just doing the milestones for all three characters makes the glimmer full. I get to the point I see I am maxed out on glimmer so I start modding weapons I will not use lol.

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