The Most Amazing PS4 Deals To Take Advantage of for the Upcoming New Year

This week for our PS4 deals from Amazon, we've got Persona 5, Injustice 2, and Wolfenstein 2 topping the list. Look within for the full list of deals!

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bloop267d ago

Completely off topic here, but what the hell is with these damn video ads popping up? They're absolutely infuriating. I know you gotta make a living but surely there's a better way of handling advertisements instead of having to play an impatient game of whack a mole on opening every page. It's nearly turning me off coming to this site altogether.

fenome267d ago

It's been really bad lately. I'm on my phone and it just popped up and covered my whole comment screen while I was trying to type. It's hella annoying.

The Wood267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Install ublock origin. Pc or android.

Fist4achin266d ago

It totally sucks when those ads pop up and when you click the X to close it, it expands onto the website.

I know n4g has to make some money, but come on!?

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Discobastrd267d ago

I got a PS4Pro and a game AND additional controller for £239!? Insane deal pushed me to upgrade. Got a 2tbSSHD with the change as well