Death Stranding Interview - Hideo Kojima Talks Development

PSLS: "Check out the latest Hideo Kojima Death Stranding interview where he explained the development progress of the highly anticipated Death Stranding."

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LP-Eleven326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Great read! Since Sony Trademarked the property, it'll be interesting to see where their relationship with KP goes! In my world, I'll be following it no matter!

narsaku325d ago

Jesus if this guy spent less time walking around on stage or in interviews maybe 1 of his games would get finished before his publisher forced him to sell a 50 dollar 15 minute demo???

I swear it's going to be 3 of Miyazaki's vastly superior Fromsoftware titles dropped before 1 of this guy's interactive dramas.

Foxhound922325d ago

You do realize people have lives outside of game development right? Also, you do realize that Kojima productions has more than just Kojima producing the game right? You do realize that almost every game Kojima has made is right along the usual time needed for games to be developed right? You do realize that....right?