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The Surge takes a little bit to sink the hooks in you, but once it does, you'll have a very hard time putting it down.

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Chaosdreams327d ago

Fantastic game, I still need to get the plat for this.

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LgbtWarrior327d ago

I found the game bland and uninspiring. The setting is dull.

Kaze88327d ago

Agreed, also the combat aint so tight imo.

Father__Merrin327d ago

I've got the normal release and it's fantastic. Amazing they fit this all into 6gb

Scatpants327d ago

I'm not sure making a licensed game from a B-grade soft drink is such a good Idea. Does the main bad guy steal all your 12 packs of Surge and you have to go find them?

RememberThe357327d ago

That shit gave everyone a stomach, yet our dumbasses kept on drinking it.