Thunderbolt: Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Review

Review by Jeff Brown:

"There was a time when Rare ruled the video game world. With a library stretching all the way back to 1983, the idea factory behind Donkey Kong Country, Golden Eye and Conker's Bad Fur Day hasn't done much with the current generation of consoles save for a mediocre update to the Perfect Dark name and a platformer that fell fairly flat on the Xbox 360's launch day in 2005.

The only inkling of Rare's once-renowned pool of creativity came with Viva Piñata. A garden simulation based on a Saturday morning cartoon, Viva Piñata combined the gotta' catch 'em all mantra of Pokemon with the Future Farmers of America attitude of Harvest Moon to create a title that drew casual gamers and OCD-ridden players alike."

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