Games We Want To See Release In 2018

2018 is around the corner and some games have been confirmed to release next year but some have yet to have a solid release date. They're in development but without confirmation, these titles could miss the entire year. Here's what we want to see release in 2018

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Plagasx352d ago

Sadly, I'll probably be dead before HL3 ever comes out.

Sciurus_vulgaris352d ago

With the story of Half-Life 3 being released the series writer. We can now assume, that the game is dead, and will very likely never release.

352d ago
Noskypeno351d ago

So, at e3 2018 watching a game trailer. Valve logo appears, crowd goes nuts. Shows Mr freeman walking around. Crowd is creaming their pants. Coming in 2020 is a brand new adventure in the half life series. End logo with the game title half life reborn.

So gabe can you tell us what half life reborn is about. "Since its been so long since the last game we decided to just start from the beginning with a brand new story, and we already have sequels planned for this new universe, coming in 2022 and 2024". Crowd is speachless and then goes into seizures.

fenome352d ago

The Half Life thumbnail is cute. Gabe's too busy making bank off Steam to actually put the effort into doing what EVERYBODY wants. Sadly, success can be the biggest killer of passion, drive, and creativity sometimes. Why cook when you can just have someone else do it?

Fist4achin352d ago

I dont think valve cares anymore what gamers want. Steam brings in tons of money and from looking at what they want to release, they are only interested in quick grabs for money. They tried with evolve and it flopped hard. I doubt they will ever develop another game ever again. It would be cool if they split valve and half supporting steam and the other half concentrated on game development, but thats probably the pipe dream right there.

SolidGear3352d ago

The folks that made Left 4 Dead made Evolve .. Valve had nothing to do with it

SheenuTheLegend352d ago

games we want to "See". it has 3 words. half life 3 confirmed

Felsager351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Gabe is not interested in a game when he made an empire out of Steam. It is true. Fenome said it already " success can be the biggest killer of passion, drive, and creativity sometimes".

I think that Gabe can't surpass the immense expectation everybody placed on Half Life 3. It doesn't matter if he uses his engine, Unreal engine 4 or Decima engine, Revit, Dynamo, Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, Maya or the advanced Titan Volta video card. Expectations for this game are too high and no developer is able to reach that level of expectation.

Suffice to see "HalfLife 3" confirmed. If that happens rocks will be split in half, the net will simply halt for the amount of traffic and there will be millions in the street shouting, "Half Life 3 is real". Sometimes good things will not happen and it's time that we simply let that dream go. It is up to Gabe if he wants to do it or not. If he doesn't other, who has BALLS, will do it.

The pressure, expectations and demands of the public is way too high. Anyone who has the courage of doing the project will be under serious scrutiny when the game releases. It needs to be way up there being a top game design in order to be a rightful successor of Half Life 2.

Fist4achin351d ago

I am in agreement with you and i feel that the expectations are insane. As a storied series example, it took the star wars series a long time to be continued, but it did. Ill admit that im not really thrilled with how it is going, but at least it has lived on in some fashion.

I wish that they would let someone else have the rights to develop more half life games with oversight and permissions from gabe or valve...

Felsager351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Eventually Half Life 3 will become a massive project between developers. It will be big, giving a new meaning to gaming. I see a future on the next generation of consoles.

A remake of Half Life 1 and 2 plus the culmination of Half Life 3. That would be THE TRILOGY.