Bioshock and Prey Designer Joins 2K for New Project

Shawn Elliott has left Arkane Studios (who has made games like Dishonored and Prey) to join 2K.

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moegooner88118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Arkane Studio developed games have some of the best level design in the industry. Hope this doesn’t affect their upcoming titles.

cd1116d ago

Borderlands 3 maybe...

I recon its next E3's big announcement (I know it's kinda already been announced btw)

Heavenly King116d ago

Most probably the Bioshock about the underground city.

opinionated115d ago

Have you heard something about a bioshock in an underground city or is that your guess?

bigmalky116d ago

I'm really wary about 2K now. They seem to be moving in the same circles as EA and Activision this year and ruining their games with lootboxes.

Hope this doesn't kill off Arkane's flawless run of interesting, well designed games.

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