Little Big Planet Beta Pitfall level

The title says it all. A level made in the Little Big Planet beta based on the Atari classic Pitfall.

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JustinSaneV23516d ago

I'm not the biggest fan of LBP but I must say this is made of pure awesome!

eagle213516d ago

And I agree man, this is pure awesome! :)


but a day one purchase to see what the excitement is all about . us 30 year old grew up to platforms . I guess you can say this is our graduation gift .

darthv723516d ago

would I search for pitfall?

big_3rn3515d ago

Yes, but for some reason when i try to search for it, it never shows up. (perhaps because its my game?) I was able to find it when i searched my gamer tag big__3rn (there are two underscores between big and 3rn.

PimpHandStrong3516d ago


Uncharted touched on that but it wasnt pitfall....when i was swinging on the walls i had a pitfall flashback


that is cool

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