PS Plus January 2018 Lineup For Middle East Replaces Deus Ex With Another Game For PS4

If you own a PlayStation Plus subscription in Saudi Arabia, you will have to deal with a completely different game in place of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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Kashima233d ago

I'm from that country and thx god my account is US region.

Activemessiah233d ago

I know thanks to region free anyone in the world can now order any game but why is Mankind Divided not available to buy there? Killing Floor 2 I get but MD? anyone?

ILostMyMind232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Maybe because it have "Deus" in the name. Who will know.

SilverDemon231d ago

human revaluation is available in this region

morganfell232d ago

Maybe they objected to the middle eastern setting.

milkshake2232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

I read somewhere that it was replaced due to the violent nature of Mankind Divided but somehow CoD & BF games are available and selling like crazy over there and they are not labeled as "violent" games! Double standards.

Eidolon232d ago

If it's due to violence, maybe the fact that it's free and available to everyone with a PS+ subscription.

Grap231d ago

It's sold in local stores, sony just do what they always do. neglect ME store with sh!tty games.

milkshake2231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

@Grap more like the person in charge of PSN Saudi store is more of a religious zealot. I mean, come on. Final Fantasy X and XV were removed for teaching witchcraft?! LMAO! But somehow, shooter games are allowed! hmmm...

Knushwood Butt232d ago

Pretty sure Japan will get something different too.

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letsa_go232d ago

The game that has been added in place of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is none other than ‘Alone With You’. Saved you a click

letsa_go231d ago

1 downvote = someone not getting their ad revenue! hahahaha

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The story is too old to be commented.