Bloodborne Codes Lets You Fight Its Hidden Bosses

In an ongoing crusade to peel back Bloodborne's  many layers for hidden content, a new breakthrough now let's everyone get a taste of what was recently only accessible to those with the right tools.

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ziggurcat349d ago

wet nurse isn't a hidden boss...

Master of Unlocking349d ago

It's a variant of a known boss that apparently can't be fought otherwise, so it's kind of a hidden boss.
That's great but while the chalice dungeons tend to extend the game's replay value a bit, I'd personally like it better if Bloodborne still had some hidden environments that have yet to be revealed, like the first version of the hypogean gaol.

yomfweeee349d ago

It says a different version of it.

ziggurcat349d ago

it's not different enough for it to be considered a hidden boss, though...

Fextralife349d ago

There's 3 of them fighting you at once from the get go, in a chalice dungeon, it's not the same boss.

DragonKnight349d ago

3 of an enemy that's almost identical to an actual in-game boss is not a "different boss"

Number is irrelevant.

fenome349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

I've been reading Lovecraft (Like back to back all of it) lately, my wife downloaded it on her kindle. There's a ton of it in this game. I always knew it was "Lovecraftian" but I didn't realize the extent. Cult followings or not, this is way more than Cthulhu, this is straight omage, with his own twist and it's even better.

"The Colour Out of Space"
"The Dunwhich Horror" & "Dreams in the Witch House"
"The Shadow Over Innsmouth"
Are the obvious ones.

Celestial beings, witchcraft, dreams, the cosmos, elder entities (Old Ones) that live amongst us that we can't see or comprehend without going mad like Mensis. There's so much there, it's a trip, even things that live on the moon. Dreams and Nightmares are also a huge part of everything. I'm still reading (and reading between the lines) but I can see where he got the idea for Darkbeast Paarl too, it's a trip.

The gaining of insight turning yourself inside out by knowledge you shouldn't comprehend is a big theme, along with being able to travel dimensions through dreams.

There's more Lovecraft in this game than I think people think. It's way deeper than face tentacles and gothic Victorian.

He spells "Jail" "Gaol" a lot too, I didn't realize that was how they actually used to write jail (gaol) back in the day. I was pronouncing it "goal", like soccer, until I gained some insight. Lol

Hypogean means underground too, so that jail makes perfect sense.

OpenGL349d ago

Amazing that after almost 3 years people are still finding new things, even if it requires modifying a save to find it.

Fextralife349d ago

Indeed it's interesting that it has taking this long for things to be data-mined! :D

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PlayableGamez-349d ago

Kingdom Hearts is better than Bloodborne

Babadook7349d ago

Nope. Bloodborne is the best.

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quent349d ago

Why would you compare KH to BB ?, they're nothing alike except maybe for the 3rd person camera

Dragonscale349d ago

Kingdom hearts is better than bloodborne if you're 6 lol.

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