Xenosaga HD Collection Needs to Happen on the Nintendo Switch

Given the momentum of Xenoblade, Xenosaga HD Collection needs to happen on the Nintendo Switch, especially given the subtle links between the games. With Xenoblade's popularity at an all-time high with the second installment, it has to happen.

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guywazeldatatt327d ago

After playing Xenoblade 2 I'm even more convinced it needs to happen. I mean I can always play them on my PS2 but I want my HD version!!!

Eonjay326d ago

It was said that if interest was high enough it could come to PS4 a few years ago. But maybe such a collection can also come to Switch.

326d ago
rainslacker326d ago

I'm all for it happening. I'd even say make it multi-plat since it's actually an Namco IP. I'd only care if Monolith got involved to keep it exclusive if they wanted to improve the story instead of doing a straight port. If that happens, I'd like to see them actually complete the sage by doing the last 3 games, but if the blade series is doing well, I can't see Nintendo doing that.

I play the series every 12-18 months, because I love the story.

I'm not sure the subtle links are more than thematic with xenoblade though. The actual story is in no way connected.

Miss_Vixen327d ago

If anything, they need to also include Xenogears into the mix. It's of the best JRPG games in it's era.

guywazeldatatt327d ago

They need re-do the second disc too. I love Saga though, it's great for its time. And the reviews were not bad. It's just complicated with Square. I wish they could do them all though. Takahashi is a genius.

DJK1NG_Gaming327d ago

I mean Square Enix had a chance to. Square Enix had several of their staff working on Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

One of the most noticeable was Nomura during the entire character design for the villains.

guywazeldatatt326d ago

I didn't know that! I mean Square has a much better relationship with Nintendo now, so you never know. I know Nomura did some designs but didn't know he did Jin and Malos. It's funny because they resemble Nigredo and Albedo, haha.

O-D-C327d ago

Never got to play these back in the day, would love a 'modern' chance to.

guywazeldatatt326d ago

Honestly the story is one of the best out there. I loved it.

wonderfulmonkeyman327d ago

An updated Xenosaga and maybe even Xenogears collection would be an amazing way to round out next year.
Pack that into the last 3 or 4 months of 2018 alongside Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3, and you'll have Nintendo fans over the moon with glee.

guywazeldatatt326d ago

Like, I hated all the remasters early on in this generation, but I feel the Switch is the perfect place for it AND I mean, the Switch has enough original content/games. I feel like PS4 players wouldn't buy it, but I think that Switch players would with Xenoblade being so popular with RPG players. Also Xenoblade 2 is essentially Xenosaga lite which is covered in the article.

shinoff2183326d ago

Im a ps4 owner and Id buy them in a heart beat, slow down with the ps4 players wouldnt buy it.

guywazeldatatt326d ago

@shinoff all I'm trying to say as a whole I don't think it would sell great on the PS4, but on the Switch it would because of the Xenoblade games which have done well. But then again they might and you're right. One of the biggest problems was that the Xenosaga games were all released years apart telling one full story that nowadays would be in one game. It actually may sell great if all put in one game on both systems.

rainslacker326d ago

It's pretty safe to assume that a lot of the PS2 players that played the game back in the day are probably still with PS. I don't see any reason why a remaster collection wouldn't sell on the PS4. If people like JRPG's, Sony is about the only place to go if you don't care about portable consoles. Switch mixed it up a bit, but that didn't remove the rather significant JRPG fan base that resides on PS4.

Nintendo or Monolith do not own the rights to Xenosaga, so there is no reason they would keep it on Switch. The IP is owned by Namco, and they are free to do with it what they will. Xenoblade is popular, but there are JRPG's which outpace that series on PS already.

I think this game would be quite welcome on PS4, and if it was a remaster, the game wouldn't have to sell millions to be successful. No doubt it could make good money on PS4, so there is no reason to think that PS4 owners just aren't interested enough. There is also no reason to assume that saga would do better on switch, because it's a departure from blade in terms of game play and overall story presentation. Quite a bit of a departure actually. The only actual similarities are the term "xeno", and some of the themes used in the game, but Saga is a much darker and deep story which deals with a lot of psychological factors about the meaning of life and one's own place in the universe, that blade doesn't really get into.

nintendoswitchfan326d ago

This would be cool. If Xenoblade breaks 1.5 mill then we’ll talk

guywazeldatatt326d ago

I actually think it will. I mean it's beaten X's lifetime sales in Japan and is close to the original in just a few weeks, and those games sold 900k worldwide on botched releases and on a dead system.

nintendoswitchfan326d ago

That could be indicative of a trend in the us or Europe but maybe not. I need sales numbers from here.

guywazeldatatt326d ago

@NintendoSwitchFan I think we''ll be surprised how well it does, and i think it will have legs too going into next year.

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