The Switch could sell 20 million units next year, but don’t count on it

No, the Nintendo Switch is not going to sell 20 million units in the next fiscal year, despite the hopes of Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima.

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FallenAngel1984347d ago

Could someone explain to me if Nintendo expects to sell 20 million by April 2018, during the entirety of 2018, or April 2019.

septemberindecember347d ago

I'm pretty sure the expectation set by President Kimishima is that the Switch will sell more than 20 million units for the fiscal year of 2018 (from April 2018-March 2019)

mikeslemonade345d ago

Won’t happen since the Switch is a fluky system. The success is being overstated. We’re not even sure if Nintendo can produce 20 mil much less sell it out. The system didn’t sell out everywhere already in probably its best year.

indysurfn345d ago

I love how the article tries to sound like they know what they are talking about. Yet they only predicted 6-8 million! it passed that after 4 months! Then they tried down playing it saying it passed 10 million in less than 9 months... Try 13 million. Give credit where it is do. You was wrong They see back order numbers. Know whats coming out. And know which territories they are going to launch in.

Plus they never said a year they said FISCAL year 2018. They launched March 03 and their fiscal years end on the last day of March so their is naturally a extra 27 days. You just don't know Finance speak.

Gemmol346d ago

April 2018 to April 2019

Theres a chance it could.......hardware sales always double from the first year unless it dies out like Wii U which had a strong first year and then die out

3-4-5345d ago

They would have sold more this year if Apple wasn't hoarding the chips.

wonderfulmonkeyman347d ago

Put away the crystal ball, champ; you have no way of knowing whether they will or won't, anymore than they do.
Hoping and doing their best towards that goal isn't a sin, and if they keep up the job they've done this year while improving in certain aspects then it's entirely possible, so saying "No, they won't" at this stage is just as premature as saying "yes, they will."

Sit down, and wait like the rest of us.
Time will tell the tale better than any naysaying and downplaying you can do here.

Protagonist346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

"wait like the rest of us" LOL you are funny! (not really though).

You and the rest of the crazed nintendo fanboys has done all sort of crazy hyping and prediction according to what nintendo officials has said.

Remember when the Wii U was projected to sell 100 million units? LOL...

Moonman345d ago

Who projected Wii U to sell 100 million? PS3 didn't even sell 100 million. Where did you read that? Michael Pachter? lol

addictedtochaos345d ago

@Moonman there were internal Nintendo estimates of the Wii U selling that well. They believed everyone who bought a Wii would get one.

SuperSonic91345d ago

Yeah I remember this same kimishima guy quoting that in a Q & A in Nintendo's website.

eagle21347d ago

20 million is achievable if they can move around 5-7 million of it in Japan alone. At this point anyone counting out Nintendo on anything having to do with sales is just looking for attention. This man is the president of Nintendo. He has more knowledge about this than

ptownjbo346d ago

and he has a vested interest...
Iwata predicted 9 million in sales for the Wii U in its second year... after a failure of a first year.

eagle21345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Yes, but Kimishima has been excellent so far for Nintendo. This writer seems to have no clue what Nintendo has up it's sleeves. I actually take the time to read and found out that the producer of Super Mario Odyssey hinted in October that Nintendo has New IP's releasing over the next 2 years. Here's the quote:

"Yoshiaki Koizumi, producer of Super Mario Odyssey: Nintendo still have many IPs which have not come out for the system, and also more than just existing IPs in store as well. We are planning and preparing games that people probably haven’t even thought about, which will be released steadily over the next two years. We hope to make games which resonate with players using this process, so please patiently look forward to it."


Never count out Nintendo. It's better just to be quiet and sit back and

strayanalog346d ago

I would love to say this second opinion piece on this 20 million forecast will be the last one we hear of, but I wouldn't bet on it.
The console hasn't even been out a year yet, we haven't had a Direct, nor an E3, and with Nintendo such an easy target nowadays, let's ease off the "No Way" throttle just a tad.

346d ago
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