MoDojo: SimCity Creator Review

Gracie Leach writes:

"Anyone familiar with the SimCity franchise knows that the basic formula for success in all of these games involves zoning, budgeting and landscaping. Unfortunately, even these sure-fire features cannot save SimCity Creator from its fate as something that resembles a budget title on an end-cap at Staples.

There are several modes of play to experience and we chose to begin with the Challenge mode. The tutorial, narrated by an anime-looking character, offers no interaction, and after reading our little friend's lines, we were shuttled off to the first era challenge without a chance to demo our new abilities.

The first era of our experience, named The Dawn of Civilization, found us in control of a hunter-gatherer society making a transition to agriculture. In the Challenge mode, you begin with only a few construction options, such as laying animal paths and zoning for agriculture or commercial and residential buildings. As you progress through eras, including the Industrial Revolution and The Renaissance, more aspects of the game become available."

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