Is The Division a Better Destiny Than Destiny 2?

With so much controversy around Destiny 2 not meeting fan expectations, is The Division the better choice for those looking for a Destiny fix?

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maybelovehate321d ago

nope. I do actually enjoy the Division to an extent but the gameplay is such a far cry from Destiny and there is no content in Division that comes close to the mechanics in Destiny Raids etc.

TechnoGoat320d ago

Um... There is a lot of stuff that comes close.

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GottaBjimmyb320d ago

I disagree completely, I think the division does every aspect better, at least for my preferences. 3rd person cover based shooting I prefer, the skill based roles I prefer, (healer, skill roles, tank role, etc) the RPG like skill trees and weapon building/rolling I prefer, the massive amount of modes, (pvp, horde, dead zone, standard missions, incursions, etc) massive amount of gear and gear sets that actually give specific boosts if you pair then together.

It is just a better game by a mile IMO.

UCForce320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

But the way Ubisoft handling their DLC and their Division Community are much better than Bungie. Right now, Bungie faced a lot of backslash from fans for good reason.

maybelovehate319d ago

I haven't seen anyone on Division on my friends list in a very long time. Even the new free DLC didn't bring anyone back. And it isn't that we didn't play it, all of us bought Division when it came out. It just wasn't that good. I am the only one of us that comes back to check out the DLC but I can never get anyone to come try again because it left such a bad taste. We all had such high hopes too, that first Incursion was one of the biggest letdowns in gaming history. Destiny Raids always deliver, Division has never made a good Raid type activity.

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2ndhandcorn320d ago

Menu gaming i just traded the Division , but i got an achievement though too much menu bloat a gear for me.

Profchaos320d ago

Nah I enjoyed the division for what it was but it seems like every time you get a weapon its powerful for about 5 minutes before you need to find something more powerful so it's just a constant gear grind

rdgneoz3319d ago

After you hit the cap on gear, it's about perks on the weapons and gear sets. Leveling up, any mmoish game is like that. Before 1.8, cap was 256. Now you can take gear you like and raise its gear score up if you haved the mats.

In Destiny, Amor sets don't do much beyond the 3 stats and a couple of weapon perks (not counting exotic perks). In the Division, gear sets give new buffs to you or debuffs to enemies, change skills around or combine skills (d3fense 4 piece let's you use smgs instead of just your handgun, alpha bridge let's you have perks from your second weapon on the one you're using if they're the same type for example), etc.

Overall, massive has had ptrs and taken fan feedback into consideration/ not lying to fans faces, unlike bungie who does it after huge complaints and getting caught. Different games overall (3rd person cover vs 1st person shooter), but division is more MMO than Destiny is. Hell, you can queue for any hard mode dungeons or raids without needing a preformed group or using 3rd party sites to find a group.

Profchaos319d ago

That's true I never got the cap on gear I got around to the east side of the map which is where it started feeling to grindy and could of had more main missions that weren't side missions.

The thing that kept me going however and the thing that gets me to occasionally return is the level design and environment it's stunning new York in the show in the division even on ps4 is incredible I just wish the world was more alive.

But yeah I've noticed lately when I jump online I revive invites galore over PSN compared to launch days when nobody really communicated is definitely turned into a more constructive community

leeeroythe3rd320d ago

Most everything is better than destiny 2 ... I am pissed I wasted so many wow tokens buying that garbage.

AKS320d ago

Division started with tons of problems and still has plenty....way too many, but it usually seems like Massive's changes are attempts to genuinely improve the game.'s like they get really drunk and pick ideas randomly out of a hat sometimes. Bungie created gorgeous environments and did a fantastic job optimizing it for each platform, but they just don't seem to know what to do with it. The "Tree of Probabilities" strike I got stuck in about 3 times today has to be among the worst content I've experienced in a Destiny game. How could this game be getting WORSE? There's nothing in D2 that I'd prefer over Survival in The Division right now. I hope D2 gets back on track, but the recent DLC is really disheartening. This is not how I expected them to respond to the (many) criticisms.

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