If You Log Into Overwatch Before 1st Of Jan You Get 5 Free Lootboxes

If you log into Overwatch before the 1st of January you get 5 free lootboxes with a total value of $4.99 for just logging in!

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antz1104320d ago

Strictly cosmetic, I don't get the disagrees.

Doomeduk321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

To give gamers a taste of loot boxes who were not tempted previously........ Hmmm

Monster_Tard321d ago

They're obtainable by leveling up, so I'm pretty sure everyone who has played Overwatch has already had a taste for the loot boxes.

Seraphim321d ago

Lol 4 dislikes for the truth. Gotta love gaming places.

But yeah, the simple fact that from every level, starting 1, you get a loot box, this is nothing new. Just a way for Blizz to give Overwatch players a little something for the Holidays. Like how Destiny use to give a random weapon via the Postmaster at Christmas. I'm sure countless other games do random gestures for their players too. Be it a free gift or an event that requires participation.

awdevoftw321d ago

Blizzard gets a pass because idiots.

SegaGamer321d ago

Yep, its all good having a go at EA, but if Blizzard are let off then it makes the people that complained about EA look like hypocrites.

Seraphim321d ago

idk that Blizzard got a pass. There were definitely mentions and griping about Overwatch. but if they did perhaps it's because loot boxes weren't as big of a topic over a year and half ago when Overwatch released. yes, people still complained about them but there wasn't nearly the same outrage we have today. Also, unlike EA's recent event Overwatch loot boxes contain nothing but trivial items. Sprays, Skins, Voice Lines. Also each time you level up they give you a loot box...

However I do agree to some extent. Though I do recall there was definitely some griping about loot boxes and the game. Perhaps more so regarding the fact Overwatch is a F2P title that cost $60 from the jump while still containing loot boxes. As good and fun as Overwatch has been in the little I've played it over the past 6 months, there's really no reason this shouldn't, rather couldn't have been a F2P title.

bluefox755321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

Blizzard always gets a pass, and this is coming from a huge Diablo fan. They have attained almost Nintendo-like status of getting passes.

Cy320d ago

Blizzard gets a pass because they have lesbos and trannies in their game, so it's racist to complain about the things they do, or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.