TGR's Rumor Killers: RRoD Finished, Kojima's FPS, and Rogue Squadron Wii

Via TGR - "If you've owned an Xbox 360, chances are you've been on the phone with customer support trying to get a coffin for your now-dead console. While some models fail due to DVD drives breaking down or graphics cards going kabloey, the most common cause of premature Xbox death is the dreaded general hardware failure, aka the Red Ring of Death. If reports are to be believed however, Microsoft has now fixed the issue once and for all."

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THC CELL3386d ago

thats funny with the rrod i had one 2 weeks ago and it was a brand new machine so no it will never end

Pennywise3386d ago

I cant wait till the poor Japanese building the 360 start to get RROD. Cant wait to see how the return process works out for them.

theKiller3386d ago

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaahaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaahhaaaaahaaaaaaaa!

it will never finish!! the hardware it self is a failure! if they really want to fix it they have to change the hardware completely to a more reliable and expansive hardware and that will take them time and money which MS dont like to spend more money at the end of 360 life cycle!!

the next xbox will come in 2009 or 2010 so whats the point for MS to loose some billions on the 360 just to make it safer?? if they wanted a safer console they would have done it before release!

SuPa-MaRiO3386d ago

Hideo Is A Genius So I Would Not Doubt That We Could Be Makin A Bad Ass Game He's Been In The Game For A Long Time So Im Guessing He's Doing Somethin Other Than MGS HE Does Need 2 End The Series And Move On 2 Something Different Cuz Im Suck Of Sequels Sometimes

mikeslemonade3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Introducing Jasper doesn't stop RRoD. Everyone who owns a 360 right now doesn't have the Jasper so therefore RRoD still happens. And when the 360 does break are they for sure getting a Jasper system back? I doubt it. Jasper may red ring too.

The guy above didn't go to school pass the 3rd grade where your learn how to structure sentences.

Captain Tuttle3386d ago

Apparently you didn't make it PAST third grade either.

Maldread3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Have you ever heard about: , and . ?

Try using them ;)

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eagle213386d ago

No one can argue with that unless your pretty delusional.

Kojima will most likely keep his action games in third person. :)

Relin3386d ago

He did say he wanted to try something very different from MGS, so moving to first-person seems like a believable change.

Maybe he'll figure out how to keep cutscenes in-game and interactive... sure, that's a very Western way of handling storytelling, but he's got the plot chops to pull off the storytelling so it's time he presents it in a more digestible manner.

eagle213386d ago

"Very different" could mean many things in game development besides changing the perspective for shooting.

You may be right. I would support whatever Kojima creates. :)

hay3386d ago

Maybe he wants to go for RPGs? That would be...

Pain3386d ago

Suuureeee!!! and America's not in a Recession.

aubradley3386d ago

I really hope the Rogue Squadron thing happens, those were terrific games.

cain1413386d ago

I always enjoyed them.

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