The Escapist Review: Rock Band 2

Review by Jared Rea:

"As far as Harmonix is concerned, a sequel to the original Rock Band was most likely not in the cards from the very start. The developer that brought us Guitar Hero and Frequency shot for the moon in its first attempt at a four-player, full band experience and while it was successful both critically and financially (more than 3.5 million Rock Band bundles have been sold to date), Harmonix's ambition burned up somewhere in the atmosphere with plenty of features not making the final journey to stores.

Rock Band 2 picks up where Harmonix left off only stronger, harder and better than ever and not a moment too soon. The wealthy, yet creatively, bankrupt husk it left behind is tuning up its own four-player band for what will surely be the ultimate battle of the tiny, plastic instruments. For the kings of rhythm gaming, is this sequel enough to satiate those who have surrendered their bank accounts in the name of downloadable content while being inviting enough for those on the fence between these near $200 dollar sequels? Hell, yes, it is."

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