Game Devs, Bring Back Local Multiplayer

It seems like just yesterday that the magic and frivolity of couch co-op was commonplace in gaming. With the rise of the Internet and developers' obsessions with chasing the hottest trends, it's been pushed to the wayside in favour of online-only multiplayer.

But we say enough! It's time to bring back the truest form of gaming tomfoolery there is.

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victorMaje325d ago

Yes please! The best multiplayer moments I’ve had were the local ones.

opinionated325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

I have really good mechanic ideas for a split screen 4 player co-op game but I would never be able to program it or build it lol. I get a headache thinking about where to start. I think that’s why fighting games have always been in style. Local competition is the core of fighting games.

325d ago
quent325d ago

Sadly There's no financial incentive for companies to promote local coop over there online services

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