The Cids Are Alright: The Cids of Final Fantasy

RPGfan: "What's in a name? There isn't a deep meaning in or literal connection between the dozen-plus Cids we've met through thirty years of Final Fantasy, but the name has become a Final Fantasy tradition alongside Moogles, Chocobos, and airships. Heck, most of the time those airships are discovered, invented, or piloted by a Cid. The following eight Cids are a few of the more memorable men of that name we've encountered over the decade, and by any other name, maybe they wouldn't be as sweet."

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ccgr327d ago

Cid was a wuss in FF8

327d ago
Nitrowolf2326d ago

There is, technically 2 of them if you count cidney.

I wouldnt exactly call them "memorable" tbh when compared to other cid in ff games

FallenAngel1984326d ago

At least Cindy isn’t in the thumbnail