Japanese PlayStation Developers Tease New Games and Projects, Promise New Info on Mobile Wild Arms

Developers and Producers from the Japanese arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment tease their projects for 2018 and beyond.

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thatguyhayat233d ago

Finally, Japanese developers time to shine.

KwokXi233d ago

I would be interested in these mobile games if they had trophies ♡ I travel a lottttt for work, earning trophies on the go would be amazing ♡♡♡♡ As it stands though, I'm not interested in mobile games.

xer0233d ago

What happened to Japanese game developers suck..? So far they are knocking it out of the park.
Media spin is such bull crap.

Anyone remember the game industry bull crap some years back about western games being so much better?

MADGameR233d ago

my only problem with this is the investment in Mobile...seriously who gives a **** about mobile games other than the Japanese?? We're here for console AAA games not baby games nor cheap indies.

sampsonon233d ago

i could care less abut mobile games but what planet are you living on? the world's casual gamers outnumber us and their drug of choice is mobile gaming. that part of the industry is most likely the easiest way to make money if you get a game that gets lit.

kalkano233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

"that part of the industry is most likely the easiest way to make money if you get a game that gets lit."

That's a massive if in the mobile sector. Of course, it's not exactly much of a risk, when the games cost about $2 to make.

sampsonon233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

@kalkano: would you rather spend upwards of 100 million on a AAA game and take a risk or 100k and take the risk? Plus Sony has been making a lot of AAA games so t's ok f they want to invest n mobile.

kalkano233d ago

It also comes with another price, though. Instead of building up those series', they're burying them. Fans of those series' are more likely to be insulted, and quit the series' than they are to play them. And, if that's the case, why wouldn't you use new IP for that instead?

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