Half Life 3 fan project, Project Borealis, gets first screenshots, showing the in-game 3D models

DSOGaming writes: "The team behind the upcoming Half Life 3 fan project, Project Borealis, has released the first screenshots from it, showcasing some of the in-game models. Below you will find the 3D models for Gordon’s HEV Suit Arm, the shotgun, the gravity gun (this is still a WIP model) and the Strider."

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Godmars290352d ago

Wonder how soon, or even if, Valve puts a C&D on it? That and/or buy it while acting like they've been working on it all along.

Lon3wolf352d ago

They didn't stop Black Mesa from being developed, but you never know.

AuToFiRE352d ago

Even if they issue a cease and desist, it won't stop it from happening. Valve had a decade, the lead writer of HL posted how HL3 was going to be essentially confirming it won't be coming. Let the fans finish what Valve won't

D3TH_D33LR352d ago

Ummm ya it would stop it lol. Property is property lol

352d ago