The Escapist Review: Pure

Review by Earnest Cavalli:

"As in The Bard's allegorical Julius Caesar, it was inevitable that someone would try and take the throne. If EA wasn't still too busy swimming in a Scrooge McDuck-ian vault of gold coins earned from sales of Spore, the recent release of Pure might have elicited a breathy "Tu quoque, Disney?"

Pure, you see, is Disney's attempt at creating an arcade style racer, via developer Blackrock Studios. Instead of following EA into the world of cartoonish snowboarding, The House of Mouse has opted to capitalize on the popularity of driving dangerously overpowered off-road vehicles, often while drunk - otherwise known as ATV racing.

Key in on that huge difference between Pure and the SSX games. Are you clear on that? SSX is about snowboards and Pure is about ATVs. Still with me? Good. Otherwise, the games are essentially twins."

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