The New Pokemon Games We Could See in 2018

This has truly been a phenomenal year for Nintendo, after Breath of the Wild winning Geoff Keighley’s “Game of the year” and Super Mario Odyssey being critically praised across the board, it’s hard to imagine the company being able to top it next year. Now that we are wrapping up 2017, the Pokémon developer Game Freak decided to send us off into the new year with a slight tease from the Japanese publication Famitsu. Kazumasa Iwao stated: “In 2018 we will still continue to hype up Pokémon, so please look forward to it.”

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, that’s for them to know, and us to obsessively theory about. I want to dive in and talk about what we could possibly expect from Pokémon in 2018.

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