PS Plus vs Games with Gold for January 2018

We're pitting Sony and Microsoft head to head on their free game collections. It's time for PS Plus vs Games with Gold for January 2018.

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Razzer326d ago

Wasn’t a bad month for GwG, but PS+ was better.

2pacalypsenow325d ago

I miss when PS+ included a PS1 game.

Frinker325d ago

I mess when Ps+ was optional and consistently good

gangsta_red325d ago

GWG takes it for me(I'm a poet and didn't even know it).

Im a fan of the Van Hellsing games and I haven't played part 3 yet and I've never played Zombi. Also the other two games are automatically BC for X1 which means that's four games playable on X1 instead of two for PS4.

I will try Deus Ex again even though I was not into it and then there's Telltale's Batman.... but other than that PS+ has nothing else to offer this month.

UCForce325d ago

I don’t think so. Even it’s your opinion, but this month PS Plus have a great start. Deus Ex MD is a great game and Batman Telltale is going to get people a lot of attention.

Toiletsteak325d ago

Don't know why you're getting downvotes, oh wait I do, it's because you are gonna enjoy the Xbox games more than the PS one's. That's not allowed here lol.

Rude-ro325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

It is because listing backward compatible games is stupid per games with gold.
Three years into a life of a console and announcing games that you have to own to make it free is only fluffing a list. The percentage of players that hold onto every old game they had is beyond way too low to list as free.
It is a update to the list of games supported, not given for free with xbl.
Or are you saying backwards compatible is only capable through xbl gold?

gangsta_red325d ago


How is listing all the available games given to you free stupid? I've never played any of the offerings given for GWG, does two being BC with 360 automatically take them out the running?

"and announcing games that you have to own to make it free is only fluffing a list"


But you don't have to own them, because they're now free and available the same way Deus Ex, Van Helsing, etc, are now free even if you owned it before. And all these games are free if you subscribe to both services.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your point?

TFJWM325d ago

Or he is getting downvoted because PS+ actually has 4(5 if including VR title) that are playable on the PS4 not 2...

CoinOrc325d ago

Who says he is not allowed to enjoy Xbox games more than ps ones? He is allowed to state his opinions and enjoy whatever he wants. I, and anyone else, are allowed to disagree with him.

Chevalier325d ago

Or because he suggests there are ONLY 2 games for PS4 and 4 for Xbox when there are 5 games playable on PS4? So yeah facts.

Rude-ro325d ago


Listing backward compatible games is not a part of xbl nor are they free.
They are just games updated to the list of games available per bc. You need to own or go buy the games to play them.

Stogz325d ago

He's a known fanboy which is why he gets downvotes. On topic I can't believe anyone would say gwg is better this month, those van helsing games are buggy as hell wannabe Diablo clones and zombi was never a good game.

gangsta_red325d ago (Edited 325d ago )


You don't need to own the games since they are now being given to you for free the same way the X1 and PS4 games are. And yes you need a subscription the same you would for Plus and Live.

Once you download those 360 games from GWG they're in your library and playable for the X1.

They are also being offered on 360 and it lists them as now being X1 compatible.

Yes a known fanboy you like to follow, quote my comments from almost a year ago and PM me with loving words.

On topic, Van Hellsing games are buggy? Never ran into any that took away my enjoyment and Zombi is still a game I have not played but could possibly still waste time with.

trooper_325d ago

Not really.

He usually mud-slings and trolls articles with his nonsense.

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Gaming4Life1981325d ago

I think deus ex is a great game and im sure people who havent played it will like it. I dislike all telltale games as I'm not a fan of those types of games but deus ex makes up for it.

As for van hellsing 3, I liked part 1 & 2 so I'm sure I'll like part 3. Zombie has always looked kind of bad to me so I may or may not play it.

Seems like a decent month for both but I will say a tie. If we are counting the BC games that can be played on Xbox one then gwg has a edge but I only counted ps4 and Xbox one games.

TFJWM325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

"Also the other two games are automatically BC for X1 which means that's four games playable on X1 instead of two for PS4. "

I think you need to look at the list again, there are 4 games that are playable on PS4(5 if you want to include the VR title)...

gangsta_red325d ago

Yea, noticed that two were cross buy with Vita and playable for PS4, unfortunately those two Vita titles I have no interest in at all. Also I don't have a PSVR so that would narrow it down to only two titles for me.

Chevalier325d ago

" Also the other two games are automatically BC for X1 which means that's four games playable on X1 instead of two for PS4. "

Gangsta you should learn to read then. There are 5 games for the PS4. Last I checked 5 > 4. Basic math prove you wrong. What an idiotic comment.

Deus Ex, Batman TT series, Starblood Arena, Psycho Pass and Uncanny Valley.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4)
Batman: The Telltale Series (PS4)
Starblood Arena (PSVR)
Sacred 3 (PS3)
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (PS3)
Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (Vita, PS4)
Uncanny Valley (PS Vita, PS4)

gangsta_red325d ago bad for not reading past two Vita crossplay titles and a PSVR title that I don't own and have no interest in.

Tis my mistake, now that you have shown me basic math and hath proveth me wrong I shall now say that the PS+ offerings are still naught but worthless offerings.

I spiced up this comment since my OP was so 'idiotic', lol.

CoinOrc325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Those two 360 games are 10 years old. Zombie is a port and was already given out on ps plus. GWG offerings are way more worthless this month.

letsa_go325d ago

I like how gangsta's argument only applies to xbox, not playstation.

UCForce325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Well, your attitude show to PS Community and its brand are very low. So don’t try to be intelligent. Because this marketing strategy is doing pretty well for Sony. And PSVR, like it or not, it’s getting there fast and it’s made Sony happy so they can keep continue to support. Let me tell you something, 2018 is where PS will dominate and others will have to catch up.

gangsta_red325d ago

"Well, your attitude show to PS Community and its brand are very low"

Yes, because the PS community constantly throws me surprise parties and foot massages.

"Because this marketing strategy is doing pretty well for Sony."

Uuuummm, okay.....

"Let me tell you something, 2018 is where PS will dominate and others will have to catch up."

Well that settles it, this PS+ offering is the best!! Huzzah!

TFJWM325d ago

You know that Zombi was given out on PS+ last year. You were even looking forward to it...Why would you care about it now a year and a half later...?

gangsta_red325d ago

I was looking forward to it? Don't remember that and if I was then I missed it but here is my second chance to get it on Xbox.

LateNightThirst325d ago

Umm what? The PS4 is getting 5 games next month.... at least argue facts before trying to justify your deluded subjective opinions

gangsta_red325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Not only do you have the best username here but you're also representing my team. So I'm going to kindly repeat what I already said above that I didn't know the two Vita games were crossplay titles and I definitely did not count the PSVR because I don't own one and I have zero interest in it.

So for me, in my revised, deluded, subjective, opinion(which I thought was obvious) there are only 2 games for PS4 that are of somewhat I but still four that I am more interested in for Xbox One.

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uptownsoul324d ago (Edited 324d ago )


Zombi was on PS+ for April 2016

gangsta_red324d ago

Thanks, but I never got it.

Scatpants324d ago

Van Helsing is beyond terrible 2/10

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RealOldGamer325d ago

PS4 wins next month hands down. First time in a loooong while. Hopefully this trend continues.

UCForce325d ago

Can you say the same thing with Xbox Live ? Sure, they did brought some good games on Xbox Gold over last couple months. but things are pretty going down lately.

Kribwalker325d ago

so you might think PSplus is the better one this month, I already own Deuce X but i’ll download the batman game. Xbox has 2 games i don’t own so it’s better for me. But really can you tell me this, Why has Gt5 outsold GTsport??

UCForce325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

@Kribwalker I already said about GT5 sale in my previous comment. GT Sport is the second era of GT series. So it is more consistent and more focus. Sure, GT 5 outsold GT Sport because it’s a better game. But GT Sports did outsold the older games like the first GT games. At the same time, before GT Sports was a thing, GT 4 outsold GT 5 and GT 6 because again it was much better game than these two. About Forza Motorsport series, that is only one game which is Forza Motorsport 4 surpassed the previous and the current FM series. I can tell you why Forza Motorsport 4 was the great game where Turn 10 was stepping up their game one time. After 5,6 and 7 Turn 10 have become ignorant.

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