Pokemon RPG for Nintendo Switch listed on EBGame

Pokemon fans waiting for a release on Switch can rejoice. Australian website, EBGames has listed Action Game: Pokemon RPG for Nintendo Switch for $99.95.

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326d ago
Jaypi03325d ago

Pokemon Switch coming Nov. 2018, calling it right now. And I expect some kind of expansion or ultra edition in 2019.

DJK1NG_Gaming325d ago

Nope. No Ultra edtion is happening.
For that to happen (it won't be called Ultra _____ anyway) Ultra Sun & Moon developers would have to start developing it now. They aren't though. They are more than likely planning Generation 4 remake.

325d ago
quent325d ago

Maybe they're looking into it as adding ongoing content once the initial games released, I can see it as being more of an mmo if that's what Nintendo want to do

Eldyraen325d ago

Not sure about mmo, but probably some sort of local coop option. A “Training Mode” for duels with a friend using your Pokémon could be a fun way to add multiplayer imo.

Or a more limited mmo design: city hubs could have other players in larger numbers and rarer out in the wild. Something like Destiny over a straight up mmo on the social front would be a nice compromise if they go that route. Too many players out in the wild would just be going overboard imo.

YGOI325d ago

A little bit outdated... I preorder my copy of the Pokemon Switch Game a month ago here in Switzerland. WOG listed it for 74.90 CHF ^^

Can't wait to see what it's gonna be like :D

vergilxx3325d ago

They are trying to hype it up , and no way im paying that price

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