Japanese Developers Vote their Game of the Year 2017: Zelda Wins, Dragon Quest XI and NieR Follow

The Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu asked a hundred Japanese developers and industry professionals to vote for their favorite games of 2017.

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gangsta_red354d ago

Zelda is just taking it in.

Must be a burden for the team to try and top BOTW.

slappy508353d ago

Just got a switch loving Zelda! You're next Xenoblade

Zeldafan64353d ago

I'm 55 hours into Xenoblade and probably only a little more than halfway through it. Best combat of any of the Xenoblade games imo.

Unreal01353d ago

Xenoblade 2 is fantastic. The only thing I've not taken to is Rex's accent.

Dalailana353d ago

Xenoblade is great. We love it.

Segata353d ago

Beat the main story in Xenoblade 2 and now playing for side stuff. The game is a real treasure.

slappy508352d ago

Good to hear. I'll definitely be picking it up today

sk8ofmnd353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

I prefer nioh and nier. Botw changed too much to the formula for my liking just like skyward sword... the last great zelda was twilight princess imo... Mario is hands down better than its predececors where zelda is not. I almost wish i didnt have every zelda game to compare botw wild to than i might just find it amazing. The game can actually be beaten by skipping +90% of the game and going straight to ganon. 1 thing is for sure tho, japanese devs are back on top.

galmi353d ago

nioh is hands down my favorite game of the year, wanna get a switch for zelda and future bayonetta

Blu3_Berry353d ago

Very happy to see that Resident Evil 7 is number 5 on the list so I'm glad that Japanese developers seem to enjoy RE7. Also very glad that Nier Automata in number 3. This year was fantastic for gamers, probably one of the best in a very long time.

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