PlayStation Plus: Free Games for January 2018

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Batman: The Telltale Series join PlayStation Plus in January. Plus, a special bonus game for PS VR owners: Starblood Arena.

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Outsider-G356d ago

Great month to kick off 2018. Glad I held off on getting Deus Ex.

Araragifeels 356d ago

A great start for a new year. I just hope they keep it up.

Septic356d ago

Oh nice! Didn't get Mankind Divided.

IamTylerDurden1356d ago

Deus Ex MD and Batman are excellent PS4 games to get for PS+. Psycho Pass is terrific to get on Vita, and Starblood Arena is a tremendous mp VR game to get on PS+. This is a great month, and i hope ppl realize how awesome it is that Sony has been throwing in extra VR games on top of the six monthly PS+ games. Quality VR games as well.

rainslacker356d ago

I'm going to have quite the collection of VR games to play when I finally get around to getting my PSVR. Luckily you can get them without actually having PSVR. Just can't play them yet.

UltraNova356d ago

Damn I've already played Mankind D. Oh well, just as Rain said, at least I'll have a huge VR collection when I get PSVR!

nineby9355d ago

Damn, I got Deus Ex for Xmas... On the bright side it was a heavy discount that had me prompting for it. I hope it's good!

morganfell355d ago

If you do not have a PSVR, now is the time. I just traded my first gen in on the new version and the improvements made to the new unit are amazing. I do not know if they are selling it in a stand alone version as of yet. I picked up the entire kit that came with Skyrim just to get the new unit. Everything is streamlined in the new setup and a great system is far better than ever and I have been having a blast with it.

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blackblades356d ago

Glad I didn't cause I got the complete edition for less then $20 early in the year. Haven't beat it yet but still.

CorndogBurglar356d ago

I highly doubt anyone holds off on buying games in the hopes of getting it for free on PS Plus......

BlacKJesu5355d ago

Corndog still waiting on killzone

Sciurus_vulgaris356d ago

Unfortunately, I think people "holding off" Mankind Divided, is one of the reasons we won't be getting another Deus Ex game for a long time.

Kyizen356d ago

I enjoyed the first one I dont think I held off on this one on purpose but glad I will get to play it.

rdgneoz3356d ago

When there are so many good games out, it's hard to buy every single one when you have bills to pay and other things to do besides gaming that cost money.

blackblades356d ago

Oh yeah, I wasnt thinking about that. I understand waiting on a discount like myself but waiting forever for hope it comes to ps+ it could screw up a sequel. Can you imagined 80% of the people waiting for a game to come free.

JayRyu356d ago

I really hope that's not true. I got the complete edition of Mankind Divided when it came out. I'm glad that people who didn't get a chance to experience it will get it and give it a chance. It has a really good story and game play.

ion666356d ago

We did pay for this game if you count the cost of the psn. Sony payed them to give it out. Mind you at at bulk rate thats lower per unit,but still payed none the less. Its better to do this than get no money from gamestop or ebay sellers.

Heavenly King355d ago

this game compared to the first is really bad.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen356d ago

Cool! Two games to hold me over until Monster Hunter comes out.

shepherdzeMan356d ago

Me too!
I almost bought it a week ago. Thanks God!

Heavenly King355d ago

the game sucks compared to the first one.

Felsager355d ago (Edited 355d ago )


"Oh nice! Didn't get Mankind Divided."

Septic, shut up and get out. Go where you belong, to your XBOX septic tank that ran out of games. We don't want you here. You will be down voted everywhere you post.

rezzah355d ago

I just picked it up for $10CAD so it doesn't really matter.

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yumi76356d ago

Great games this month.

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yomfweeee356d ago

Top 3 best months for this gen I would say.

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GamesMaster1982356d ago

Way better than last month but no need for me to sub again this month as own them all already but for those that don't still a decent month.

blackblades356d ago

Guess that means you don't play overwatch(shooters), or fighting games.

GamesMaster1982356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Nope. Single played story driven games are my thing. Just don't have the time for the online level up grind playing the same thing over and over, just bores me. I play a good story game then move on to another. Don't get me wrong i would of subbed this month if i hadn't of already played and finished Batman, and Deus Ex. But if ive played the games there is no point for me to sub.

blackblades356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Well I wouldnt say grind, cause it's not about grinding. Its to have fun and challenge yourself against others. I do respect the way you play and obviously make sense to not have ps+ because of that. In that case don't bother getting it for games just do flash sales.

GamesMaster1982355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Yeah true . Don’t get me wrong I like playing coop games like say resident evil 5 n 6 story games with a friend . But just online big deathmath type games are just not for me

GamesMaster1982355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Also 6+ downvotes just because I’ve played the great game Darksiders 2. F u childish little man cave peeps . You all need to get laid . Girls\Boys are real you know.

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