The "10s" of 2017

GameSpew: We've given out so many 8s and 9s in reviews this year as so many games have been a cut above the rest. As for 10/10s though? Well, we try to reserve those for the games that truly stand out as a phenomenal piece of work. This year, there's been 10 of them.

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chris235269d ago

subtract the nintendo games as these scores were all paid for anyway

269d ago
CorndogBurglar269d ago

Keep telling yourself that, buddy.


Ignore this obviously paid comment!

pandehz269d ago

So Zelda and Mario, everything else should max out at 9

NecrumOddBoy269d ago

Zelda is not a 10.

Mario should be an 11

kevnb269d ago

Seems like they give out 10s easily

bluefox755269d ago

AC: Origins, a 10? That's generous.

Razzer269d ago

I love the game, but it isn’t a 10 by any stretch.

starchild268d ago

If Horizon earned some 10s from reviewers then AC: Origins certainly should too. It's better in some ways and worse in others but overall I enjoyed it just as much or more.

CDzNutts269d ago

A lot of these games are good, but I dunno about 10s. Surprised Horizon didnt make the list.

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