Phantasy Star: Forgotten, but not gone

Sega's seminal RPG series celebrates its 30th anniversary this week, but don't expect much hubbub.

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Apocalypse Shadow328d ago

Will never be forgotten. My first,big rpg that had magic, science, technology, flying to other planets, catchy tunes from the limited master system, etc. It was awesome. And the sequels after were just as great. Including 3.

Still wish to this day that sega cared to update those games or a remake or sequel to skies of arcadia. But the sega I knew is gone. Such a shame. Just sitting on their franchises doing nothing.

Phantasy Star is a classic.

Servbot41327d ago

Wish they'd remake 3 and like... fix/finish it. I love the generation concept but man the game was so bland otherwise. Still loved it as a kid even though I got nowhere.

meka2611326d ago

Wish they would release phantasy star online 2 over here.