Final Resistance 2 Box Art for North America

Resistance 2 is getting final tweaks before going gold, but one thing is done: the North American box art. It's different from Europe's, as it includes the Golden Gate Bridge and a massive ship.

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Nineball21123570d ago

in my grubby little hands...

I hope this game doesn't cause me to have an ex-wife. LOL.

RAY0173570d ago

in my case an ex-girlfriend, lol

Shane Kim3570d ago

When this game comes out, I'll lock myself in my room for a week.

EnglishPatriot3570d ago

I like the PAL boxart more to be honest.

eagle213570d ago

And the collector's edition package (according to amazon usa) includes a case featuring art from the pal box. Best of both world's for america I guess. :)

Dimitrius3570d ago

I really prefer the other boxart design.

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