Sony PS3 controller charger reminds us what we hate about the PS3

Engadget has noted the appearance of a new PlayStation 3 accessory in Japan: a USB charger that can juice up two PS3 controllers at once. While Cnet wouldn't be surprised to see this thing appear Stateside as well. The problem is: there's really no reason it should need to exist. And if the PS3 were better designed, it wouldn't have to. In fact, the existence of this sort of accessory just serves as a reminder of some of the PS3's biggest annoyances--all the more evident because the superb gaming console/Blu-ray player/media hub is otherwise close to perfection.

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Nineball21123449d ago

Is this proof of a bias at Cnet or do you think they have valid points?

I think each of their "points" are pretty weak myself... but I could be just a bit biased too. ;-)

GodsHand3449d ago

Well damm I guessed they should of just installed a miniature nuclear plant inside the thing, so we would never need to charge the damm thing.

It's not like there are not alternatives to charging the thing. What's next. The game disc should just insert itself in the console.

beoulve3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

at least it's a USB cable, try charge a xbox 360 controller without the dongle cable. Don't see any hate of that?

eagle213449d ago

PS3 is not a

"all the more evident because the superb gaming console/Blu-ray player/media hub is otherwise close to perfection."

It is perfection buddy. :)

mikeslemonade3449d ago

The writer is just complaining so he can write a story. He's grasping for straws. All this is a convenience issue. Why doesn't he go put in Disc 2,3, and 4 for Lost Odyssey and come back a write an article bashing the 360?

ReBurn3449d ago

Why is it that people always start with the bias talk? I don't see this article as biased. I agree that controller charging scheme for the PS3 is weak. I can't just plug it into my powered USB hub. I have to leave my PS3 on or my laptop on.

I'll say that the USB cable that came with my PS3 is shockingly short. It definitely isn't long enough to sit in my chair and play games while the controller charges. I had a simple solution, though. I bought a 2 meter USB cable for $5 and now I can pretty much sit wherever I want to and play while my controller charges.

Beast_Master3449d ago

Here I was thinking that being able to charge my controller with my laptop was kinda cool. Wow thanks CNET your right batteries are so much better than light bluetooth..

Conan9973449d ago

wow, this sounds like bias.

I have never had a signal problem with the ps3's controller.

just plus the usb cable into the computer, leave it there overnight or whatnot, and its got a 2-3 day charge on it.

where as my friends have spend another controllers worth in batteries for their wii. Or getting yelled from their dad cuz they keep stealing the batteries from the TV remote. sucks to be them.

ukilnme3449d ago

@ ReBurn

Hook a brother up and let me know where you got that cable from. I could use a couple of them.

Why o why3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

the cable is short but u can use any motorola phone or bt headset charger to charge it or any ninu usb charging head for that matter. Charging the pads while off is an advantage of the 360 but the money it cost in batteries and the charging pack makes the ps3 battery solution less troublesome to me personally. My laptops always on so its not an issue for me; how else would i read ur comments;)

incogneato3449d ago

This is clear proof of their bias or at least how ignorant they are of their own field. How is it a bad design to have multiple ways to charge your PS3? A USB cable is the most common cable in the modern world and you can charge your PS3 controller with one you have lying around. Nevermind the fact that it already brings one in the box. These people are retarded.

I guess they think the proprietary charger and extra money you have to pay for the battery on a 360 controller is superior? ROFL

iamtehpwn3449d ago

No matter what console you may fancy, you can't deny PS3 has the best controller recharging solution.

LastDance3449d ago

somebody needs some phenomenal beat down!

rroded3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

No way is it a problem we got the org 60 gig ps3 with the ol rumbless stick n still use it all the time charge lasts for a long time only ran out on me once when i passed out after my first run trough NGS. Anyways we bought the rumble one after it was released use em both all the time never an issue as long as you plug em in after a 10 or 12 hour marathon lol. Still play with the usb wire hooked up. Mater of fact we got a powered wireless hub works great :D

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Pennywise3449d ago

This is absolutely a ridiculous article. This guy should go buy his batteries and shut up.

this is a convenience Sony is offering. You dont need it. You buy it if you would like it, simple as that. I am glad they are offering it. It will be nice to have my controllers charging by my couch instead of by the TV with the PS3.

CNET just blew it opening up the article like that. Im sure all the xbox loyalists are cheering this rubbish on.

Nineball21123449d ago

I realize many people might not want to leave their PS3 powered on overnight while the controllers are charging...

but they could take that time to launch Life with Playstation and do some [email protected], thereby helping out research!!

That's what I typically do...

Pennywise3449d ago

I dont leave mine on to charge controllers. Anyone who games should have more than one controller and keep them on a charge rotation.

Bob Dole3449d ago

Yeah this is only useful if you don't have 4 usb ports like me :)

Monolith3449d ago

love that movie pennywise, and also its funny cause thats what i do charge rotation lol.

Scotracer3449d ago

How is buying another controller to use in rotation any better than having to buy batteries?


Parapraxis3449d ago

Scotracer, some of us DO have friends.

clevernickname3449d ago

Cnet raises some valid points and the criticism in warranted. Take off your Sony fanboi sunglasses for a second and exercise a modicum of objectivity. It is annoying to have to leave your PS3 on to charge the controller and it is ridiculous that Sony doesn't supply a longer charging cable, especially considering that they bothered to include a cable at all.

Just because the PS3 has these design faults doesn't mean it's a crappy console.

Scotracer3449d ago

And there are just so many good split-screen games these days *rolleyes*

ukilnme3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

@ Scotracer

I think you are joking with your comment. Just in case you are not, buying another controller will save you money in the long run if you game a lot. Batteries are not getting cheaper.

@ Parapraxis
Yep yep.

Nathaniel_Drake3449d ago

I have a simple plan when I shut down the PS3 and I want to charge the controller I simply hook it up to my computer, which the cable is already hooked up, just connect the controller and leave it there. Don't most people leave their computer on as compared to the PS3, honestly I never had to think about charging the controller because it is so convenient

Sarcasm3449d ago

I charge my controllers when I watch a movie. Or if I really need to charge it and need to play a game, there's something called a 2nd controller I like to use.

This article is ridiculous.

I'd hate to keep buying batteries or buying a rechargeable dock for my 360 controller. (Note: I use the wired USB 360 controller)

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SSCOOLCHEA3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

A free usb cable is good enough for me . I have 3 controllers and when one runs out of batteries you charge one and you play with the one thats fully charge . So simple sackboy can do it . Heck sackboy can do anything

Darkseider3449d ago

Powered USB hub outputting 5 volts @ 1 Amp can be purchased from your favorite electronics vendor for about $7 and does the same thing. You would think that C-Net, you know the Computing resource that they are, would have realized this and not even wasted the time and effort for this article.

Scotracer3449d ago

Or you could have bothered reading article and seen that they said not all of them work...

Darkseider3449d ago

OR... you could have read what I wrote. Notice I specified 5v and 1 Amp output?

Aclay3449d ago

This is so dumb. Personally I would rather have a controller that used a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery than AA batteries.

"Annoyance #1: PS3 controlller batteries aren't removeable"

The PS3 controller will last you for a year or two with a good battery life span. I'm pretty sure that a lot of Xbox 360 owners probably spend $50 bucks or more a year just in batteries if they don't buy rechargeable batteries and a charge kit, and that equals to the cost of a new controller.

The Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit costs $30 bucks and Rechargable AA Batteries aren't that cheap either, so by the time you buy a Quick Charge Kit and Rechargable Batteries, you've already spent around $40 bucks or more and that's almost the cost of a new Xbox 360 controller.

"Annoyance #3: PS3 can't charge controllers when in standby mode"

More than likely whenever you aren't on your PS3, you are on the computer so just plug in the PS3 into your laptop/PC's USB port while surfing the web and it will charge. Plus, the PS3's controller can be charged while playing a game at the same time just by plugging it into the PS3's USB port. No big deal.

Bob Dole3449d ago

Bob Dole's only annoyance was that the usb cable that comes with the system is like what... 2 feet long? Seriously wtf is that? Bob Dole's d!ck is longer than this cable. Still, it's not really that big of a deal at all.

Sitdown3449d ago
Only $24 and comes with a rechargeable pack
Only $30 and comes with two rechargeable packs

"More than likely whenever you aren't on your PS3, you are on the computer so just plug in the PS3 into your laptop/PC's USB port while surfing the web and it will charge."

In the real world, some of us have to leave our homes...and do not go from ps3 to computer to ps3 to computer.

At the end of the day....I prefer the 360 route in having the choice of what I want to do....not being told what I have to do.

ukilnme3449d ago

Just another option for the 360 that is less than half the price of another controller.

Sarcasm3449d ago

"Less than half the price of a new controller"

You guys do realize it's still $ that's being down the drain. It could have been towards a new game. Or a full tank of gas. Or 3 full meals for 3 adults. The list goes on. It's money, and it's useful. Something our youth obviously don't understand.

Sitdown3449d ago

Judging by your post...I guess you are not following the conversation. Out discussion is talking about how these are viable options that the 360 has to offer...versus having to purchase another ps3 controller....because you do not have the ability to switch out batteries or use a rechargeable pack once the controller bites the dust.

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